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Super Agent: Real Estate Success At The Highest Level

Joseph Callaway, JoAnn Callaway

ISBN: 978-1-118-89179-7 March 2014 264 Pages


Reading Super Agent is like spending a day with two of the most successful real estate agents in America. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway sell 300 to 500 high-end homes per year. Now they share the secrets of their incredible success. Based on those Callaways’ core concepts of honesty, competence, and caring, Super Agent is filled with practical, money-making advice that will turn beginner and veteran real estate agent alike into a Super Agent.

Every chapter is a lesson in the fundamentals of listing and selling more real, including:

  • The five superpowers that make you a super agent
  • The secrets of super time management, how best to use assistants, and how to run a super team
  • The two quick fixes that can double your income overnight without so much as one new client

With tested tips and tactics and a unique and positive approach, Super Agent will inspire and propel you to build a steady stream of buyers and sellers, get more listings, and close more deals.

Acknowledgments xxi

Authors’ Note xxiii

I Be a Super Agent 1

1 Who Wants to Be a Super Agent? 3

—You do. Double your income then double it again.

2 The Five Super Powers of a Super Agent 13

—Putting your clients first, motivating yourself and others, communication, professionalism, and accountability.

3 Starting Out Fast 23

—Cash that first commission check sooner than later.

4 Keep Your Golden Ticket 33

—Don’t lose your license. Five magic rules to stay ethical, legal and reputable.

5 Everything You Need to Know about Working with Buyers 41

—The empowered client, showing property and hot buttons.

6 Everything You Need to Know about Working with Sellers 51

—Getting the listing, the magic question, and getting it sold.

7 The ABCs of Making a Deal 61

—The Art of reasonableness, the Business of winning, and Countering every time.

8 Contract to Closing 71

—Keep your deal while others are losing theirs.

9 Keeping Your Client after the Sale 79

—Wow. This is better than social security.

II Super Lead Generation 89

10 A Steady Stream of Buyers and Sellers 91

—Guaranteeing your business success rain or shine.

11 Prospecting 101

—How to get a new client before noon.

12 Open Houses 109

—The ultimate form of prospecting.

13 Marketing 121

—Making the phone ring.

14 Farming 129

—The ultimate form of marketing.

15 Being Digital 141

—Everything you should know about digital marketing, video, and social media.

16 Branding 149

—Make yourself famous at every kitchen table.

III Super Time Management 159

17 Time Is More Than Money 161

—Getting the most out of your most valuable asset.

18 Allies, Affiliates, and Vendors 169

—No one succeeds alone.

19 Getting Help 179

—Mission statements, systems, and when to delegate.

20 Partnering with Another Agent 187

—Singles may succeed but duos can be daring.

21 Teaming Up 197

—Join a team or build one yourself.

22 The Super Team 205

—Client ownership, cutting the cord, and selling the handoff.

23 A Super Life 219

—It is yours for the asking.

Appendix A Doing the Most Good: The Salvation Army 227

Appendix B Real Estate Wednesdays 229

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About the Authors 235

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