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Superalloys 2008

Superalloys 2008

Roger C. Reed (Editor), Kenneth A. Green (Editor), Pierre Caron (Editor), Tim Gabb (Editor), Michael G. Fahrmann (Editor), Eric S. Huron (Editor), Shiela A. Woodard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-873-39728-5

Sep 2008

1000 pages

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Superalloys held September 14-18, 2008, in Champion, Pennsylvania. The symposium covered all aspects of the development, production, behavior and integration of superalloys, and related high temperature materials, into gas turbines for aircraft, power generation and other applications. Symposium topics included cast, wrought and powder superalloys and associated coating systems. Behavioral studies in these areas were also discussed:
  • solidification
  • processing
  • environmental properties
  • mechanical behavior
  • alloy development
  • life prediction methodologies
  • modeling and simulation
  • performance of materials in service environments
  • high temperature coatings
  • joining and repair techniques

Emphasis is placed on the perspective of the customer, e.g., the airlines, military, and power generation utilities. Current trends in customer requirements and the latest response of the superalloys community to customer challenges are highlighted in the volume.


Best Paper Award.


Eleventh International Symposium on Superalloys Committee Members.

Superalloys 2008.

Symposium Keynote Address.

Challenges for High Temperature Materials in the New Millennium (R. Schafrik, and S. Walston).

Latest Advances in Alloy Development I.

NASA and Superalloys: A Customer, a Participant, and a Referee (M. Nathal).

Development of a New Fatigue and Creep Resistant PM Nickel-Base Superalloy for Disk Applications (J. Guedou, I. Augustins-Lecallier, L. Nazé, P. Caron, and D. Locq).

A New Ni-Base Superalloy for Oil and Gas Applications (S. Mannan, and L. Patel).

Structure Control of a New-Type High-Cr Superalloy (J. Dong, Z. Bi, N. Wang, X. Xie, and Z. Wang).

Interactive Session A: Alloy Development.

Development of Ni-Co-Base Alloys for High-Temperature Disk Applications (Y. Gu, C. Cui, H. Harada, T. Fukuda, D. Ping, A. Mitsuhashi, K. Kato, T. Kobayashi, and J. Fujioka).

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of EP741NP Powder Metallurgy Disc Material (J. Radavich, D. Furrer, T. Carneiro, and J. Lemsky).

Effects of a Tantalum Addition on the Morphological and Compositional Evolution of a Model Ni-Al-Cr Superalloy (C. Booth-Morrison, R. Noebe, and D. Seidman).

Linking the Properties, Processing and Chemistry of Advanced Single Crystal Ni-Base Superalloys (S. Tin, L. Zhang, R. Hobbs, A. Yeh, C. Rae, and B. Broomfield).

Effect of Ruthenium on Microstructure and Stress Rupture Properties of a Single Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloy (Y. Han, W. Ma, Z. Dong, S. Li, and S. Gong).

Optimizing SC René N4 Alloy for DS Aft-Stage Bucket Applications in Industrial Gas Turbines (G. Bouse, J. Schaeffer, and M. Henry).

The Influence of Ruthenium and Rhenium on the Local Properties of the γ- and γ'-Phase in Nickel-Base Superalloys and Their Consequences for Alloy Behavior (S. Neumeier, F. Pyczak, and M. Göken).

The Effects of Heat Treatment and Microstructure Variations on Disk Superalloy Properties at High Temperature (T. Gabb, J. Gayda, J. Telesman, and A. Garg).

A 5th Generation SC Superalloy with Balanced High Temperature Properties and Processability (A. Sato, H. Harada, A. Yeh, K. Kawagishi, T. Kobayashi, Y. Koizumi, T. Yokokawa, and J. Zhang).

P/M Alloy 10 - A 700ºC Capable Nickel-Based Superalloy for Turbine Disk Applications (D. Rice, P. Kantzos, B. Hann, J. Neumann, and R. Helmink).

The Effect of Composition, Misfit, and Heat Treatment on the Primary Creep Behavior of Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloys PWA 1480 and PWA 1484 (B. Wilson, and G. Fuchs Influence of the γ' Fraction on the γ/γ').

Topological Inversion during High Temperature Creep of Single Crystal Superalloys (P. Caron, C. Ramusat, and F. Diologent).

Latest Advances in Alloy Development II.

Evaluation of Ruthenium-Bearing Single Crystal Superalloys - A Design of Experiments (R. Hobbs, G. Brewster, C. Rae, and S. Tin).

Development of High Temperature Capability P/M Disk Superalloys (E. Huron, K. Bain, D. Mourer, and T. Gabb).

Development of a Fabricable Gamma Prime (γ') Strengthened Superalloy (L. Pike).

Elevated Temperature Mechanical Behavior of New Low CTE Superalloys (C. Cowen, and P. Jablonski).

Latest Advances in Processing I.

New Boron and Silicon Free Single Crystal-Diffusion Brazing Alloys (M. Dinkel, P. Heinz, F. Pyczak, A. Volek, M. Ott, E. Affeldt, A. Vossberg, M. Göken, and R. Singer).

Creep-Fatigue and Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Friction-Welded IN 718/MarM247 Dissimilar Joint (M. Okazaki, M. Sakaguchi, T. Tran, and M. Sekihara).

Gas Turbine Blade Made of FG75-Investment Casting Technology for Complex, Hollow, Fibre-Reinforced NiAl-Components (S. Hollad, C. Dahmen, and A. Bührig-Polaczek).

Interactive Session B: Advances in Processing.

A Study of HAZ Microfissuring in a Newly Developed Allvac 718 Plus Superalloy (K. Vishwakarma, and M. Chaturvedi).

Advancement in Fast Epitaxial High Temperature Brazing of Single Crystalline Nickel Based Superalloys (B. Laux, S. Piegert, and J. Rösler).

An Analysis of Solidification Path in the Ni-Base Superalloy, CMSX10K (N. D'Souza, and H. Dong).

Post-Fabrication Vapor Phase Strengthening of a Nickel-Based Sheet Alloy for Thermostructural Panels (S. Johnson, R. Adharapurapu, and T. Pollock).

Solute Redistribution during Planar and Dendritic Growth of Directionally Solidified Ni-Base Superalloy CMSX-10 (Seong Moon Seo, Je-Hyun Lee, Young-Soo Yoo, Chang-Yong Jo, Hirofumi Miyahara, and Keisaku Ogi).

The Effects of Withdrawal and Melt Overheating Histories on the Microstructure of a Nickel-Based Single Crystal Superalloy (L. Liu, T. Hang, M. Zou, W. Zhang, J. Zhang, and H. Fu).

Influence of TLP Bonding on Creep Deformation of a Nickel-Base Single Crystal Superalloy at High Temperature (J. Liu, T. Jin, N. Zhao, Z. Wang, X. Sun, H. Guan, and Z. Hu).

Design of Solutionizing Heat Treatments for an Experimental Single Crystal Superalloys (S. Hegde, R. Kearsey, and J. Beddoes).

Effect of Cooling Rate on Gleeble Hot Ductility of UDIMET Alloy 720 Billet (M. Fahrmann, and A. Suzuki).

Competitive Grain Growth in Directional Solidification of a Nickel-Base Superalloy (Y. Zhou, and N. Green).

Severe Thermomechanical Processing as an Effective Method for Preparation of Bulk and Sheet Nanostructured Semifinished Products from Nickel Alloys 718 and 718plus (V. Valitov, R. Mulyukov, M. Gigliotti, and P. Subramanian).

Investigation of the Partition Coefficient in the Ni-Fe-Nb Alloys: A Thermodynamic and Experimental Approach (J. Valdes, D. Kim, S. Shang, X. Liu, P. King, and Z. Liu0.

Effect of Thermal History on the Properties and Microstructure of a Large HIPed PM Superalloy Billet (D. Novotnak, G. Maurer, L. Lherbier, and J. Radavich).

Latest Advances in Processing II.

Process Development and Microstructure and Mechanical Property Evaluation of a Dual Microstructure Heat Treated Advanced Nickel Disc Alloy (R. Mitchell, J. Lemsky, R. Ramanathan, H. Li, K. Perkins, and L. Connor).

A Statistical Analysis of Variations in Hot Tear Performance and Microporosity Formation Versus Composition in Investment Cast FSX-414 (K. Ronan).

Grain Selection during Solidification in Spiral Grain Selector (H. Dai, J. Gebelin, M. Newell, R. Reed, N. D'Souza, P. Brown, and H. Dong).

Microdeformation and Macroscopic Properties I.

Deformation Mechanisms in Ni-Base Disk Superalloys at Higher Temperatures (R. Unocic, L. Kovarik, C. Shen, P. Sarosi, Y. Wang, J. Li, S. Ghosh, and M. Mills).

Grain Boundary and Intragranular Deformations during High Temperature Creep of a PM Nickel-Based Superalloy (A. Soula, Y. Renollet, D. Boivin, J. Pouchou, D. Locq, P. Caron, and Y. Bréchet).

Grain Scale Straining Processes during High Temperature Compression of a PM Disk Alloy (W. Tu, and T. Pollock).

The Effect of γ' Particle Size on the Deformation Mechanism in an Advanced Polycrystalline Nickel- Base Superalloy (M. Preuss, J. Quinta da Fonseca, B. Grant, E. Knoche, R. Moat, and M. Daymond).

Interactive Session C: Physical Metallurgy.

Surface Effects on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in IN718 Alloy (P. Bhowal, D. Stolz, A. Wusatowska-Sarnek, and R. Montero).

The Characterisation and Prediction of LCF Behaviour in Nickel Single Crystal Blade Alloys (W. Evans, R. Lancaster, A. Steele, and N. Jones).

Tension/Compression Asymmetry in Yield and Creep Strengths of Ni-Based Superalloys (N. Tsuno, S. Shimabayashi, K. Kakehi, C. Rae, and R. Reed).

Effects of Low Angle Boundaries on the Mechanical Properties of Single Crystal Superalloy DD6 (J. Li, J. Zhao, S. Liu, and M. Han).

High Temperature Creep of Directionally Solidified Ni Base Superalloys Containing Local Recrystallization (G. Xie, L. Wang, J. Zhang, and L. Lou).

The Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Creep Behavior of Udimet Alloy 188 (S. Longanbach, and C. Boehlert).

Failure Analysis of Weld-Repaired B-1900 Turbine Blade Shrouds (E. Mueller, L. Carney, S. Ngin, and J. Yadon).

High Temperature Microstructural Degradation of Haynes Alloy 230 (J. Veverkova, A. Strang, G. Marchant, G. McColvin, and H. Atkinson).

The Effect of Carbide Morphologies on Elevated Temperature Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of a Modified Single Crystal Ni-Base Superalloy (A. Wasson, and G. Fuchs).

Gamma Prime Morphology and Creep Properties of Nickel Base Superalloys with Platinum Group Metal Additions (J. Van Sluytman, A. Suzuki, A. Bolcavage, R. Helmink, D. Ballard, and T. Pollock).

Elevated-Temperature Creep-Fatigue Crack-Growth Behavior of Nickel-Based HAYNES R-41, HAYNES 230 and HASTELLOY X Alloys (S. Lee, P. Liaw, Y. Lu, D. Fielden, L. Pike, and D. Klarstromix).

A New Hyperbolic Tangent Modelling Approach for the Creep Behavior of the Single Crystal Nickel- Based Superalloy CMSX4 (H. Basoalto, B. Vermeulen, J. Brooks, G. Coventry, S. Williams, J. Mason-Flucke, and S. Bagnall).

Assessment on the Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Properties of 98 Ni-Base Single Crystal Superalloys (M. Sakamoto, H. Harada, T. Yokokawa, Y. Koizumi, T. Kobayashi, H. Zhou, J. Zhang, and N. Miyamoto).

Comparison of Low Cycle (Notch) Fatigue Behaviour at Temperature in Single Crystal Turbine Blade Materials (P. Reed, and M. Miller).

Fatigue Behavior in Monocrystalline Ni-Based Superalloys for Blade Applications (C. Yablinsky, K. Flores, M. Mills, J. Williams, and J. Rigney).

Microstructural Conditions Contributing to Fatigue Variability in P/M Nickel-Base Superalloys (W. Porter III, K. Li, M. Caton, S. Jha, B. Bartha, and J. Larsen).

A TEM Investigation on Precipitation Behavior of AEREX350 Superalloy (M. Samiee, and S. Asgari0.

Elastic Microstrains during Tension and Creep of Superalloys: Results from In Situ Neutron Diffraction (Y. Lu, S. Ma, and B. Majumdar).

Microdeformation and Macroscopic Properties II.

Mean vs. Life-Limiting Fatigue Behavior of a Nickel Based Superalloy (S. Jha, M. Caton, and J. Larsen).

Assessment of Lifetime Calculation of Forged IN718 Aerospace Components Based on a Multi-Parametric Microstructural Evaluation (M. Stoschka, M. Stockinger, H. Leitner, M. Riedler, and W. Eichlseder).

Evaluation of the Influence of Grain Structure on the Fatigue Variability of Waspaloy (M. Brogdon, and A. Rosenberger).

Fatigue Crack Initiation in Nickel-Based Superalloy René 88 DT at 593ºC (J. Miao, T. Pollock, and J. Jones).

Coatings and Environmental Effects I.

Superalloys for Ultra Supercritical Steam Turbines—Oxidation Behavior (G. Holcomb).

Effects of Oxidation and Hot Corrosion in a Nickel Disc Alloy (A. Encinas-Oropesa, G. Drew, M. Hardy, A. Leggett, J. Nicholls, and N. Simms).

Development of Si-Bearing 4th Generation Ni-Base Single Crystal Superalloys (A. Yeh, K. Kawagishi, H. Harada, T. Yokokawa, Y. Koizumi, T. Kobayashi, D. Ping, J. Fujioka, and T. Suzuki).

The Development and Performance of Novel Pt+Hf-Modified γ'-Ni3Al+γ-Ni Bond Coatings for Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings Systems (N. Mu, T. Izumi, L. Zhang, and B. Gleesonx).

Interactive Session D: Coatings, Environmental/Microstructural Degradation.

The Performance of Pt-Modified Alumina-Forming Coatings and Model Alloys (B. Pint, J. Haynes, K. More, J. Schneibel, Y. Zhang, and I. Wright).

Oxidation of MCrAlY Coatings on Ni-Based Superalloys (M. Pace, R. Thomson, and J. Wells).

Oxidation and Coating Evolution in Aluminized Fourth Generation Blade Alloys (I. Edmonds, H. Evans, and C. Jones).

D5, Formation of gamma'-Ni3Al via the Peritectiod Reaction: gamma; + beta (+ Al2O3) = gamma' (+ Al2O3) (E. Copland).

Analysis of Surface Chemical Contamination on Ex-Service Industrial Gas Turbine Components (S. Feng, B. Shollock, R. Reed, and M. Ryan).

Long-Term Cyclic-Oxidation Behavior of Selected High Temperature Alloys (V. Deodeshmukh, and S. Sr.ivastava).

High Temperature Corrosion Behavior of DS GTD-111 in Oxidizing and Sulfidizing Environments (M. Trexler, P. Singh, and T. Sanders Jr.).

The Influence of Hot-Deformation Parameters on the Mechanical Properties and Precipitation Process in Nickel Based Superalloy (A. Nowotnik).

Creep Behavior of Thick and Thin Walled Structures of a Single-Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloy at High Temperatures – Experimental Method and Results (R. Hüttner, R. Völkl, J. Gabel, and U. Glatzel).

Microstructural Degradation of CMSX-4: Kinetics and Effect on Mechanical Properties (A. Epishin, T. Link, M. Nazmy, M. Staubli, H. Klingelhöffer, and G. Nolze).

Long Term Coarsening of René 80 Ni-Base Superalloy (D. Hadjiapostolidou, and B. Shollock).

Temperature and Dwell Dependence of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Various Heat Treated Turbine Disc Alloys (S. Everitt, M. Starink, and P. Reed).

Coatings and Environmental Effects II.

Development of Improved Bond Coat for Enhanced Turbine Durability (B. Hazel, J. Rigney, M. Gorman, B. Boutwell, and R. Darolia0.

EQ Coating: A New Concept for SRZ-Free Coating Systems (K. Kawagishi, H. Harada, A. Sato, and K. Matsumoto).

An Investigation of the Compatibility of Nickel-Based Single Crystal Superalloys with Thermal Barrier Coating Systems (R. Wu, K. Kawagishi, H. Harada, and R. Reed).

Secondary Reaction Zones in Coated 4th Generation Ni-Based Blade Alloys (A. Suzuki, C. Rae, M. Yoshida, Y. Matsubara, and H. Murakami).

High Temperature Behavior I.

Thermal Stability Characterization of Ni-Base ATI 718Plus Superalloy (W. Cao).

The Precipitation and Strengthening Behavior of Ni2(Mo,Cr) in HASTELLOY C-22HS Alloy, a Newly Developed High Molybdenum Ni-Base Superalloy (X. Xie, Y. Zeng, K. Kou, J. Dong, L. Pike, and D. Klarstrom).

Effect of Microstructure on Time Dependent Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in a P/M Turbine Disk Alloy (J. Telesman, T. Gabb, A. Garg, P. Bonacuse, and J. Gayda).

Interactive Session E: Modelling, Simulation and Validation.

Phase-Field Modeling of γ' Precipitation in Multi-Component Ni-Base Superalloys (T. Kitashima, D. Ping, J. Wang, and H. Harada).

Evolution of Size and Morphology of γ' Precipitates in UDIMET 720 Li during Continuous Cooling (R. Radis, M. Schaffer, M. Albu, G. Kothleitner, P. Pölt, and E. Kozeschnik).

Quantitative Characterization of Features Affecting Crack Path in a Directionally Solidified Superalloy (M. Trexler, and T. Sanders Jr.).

Modeling Topologically Close-Packed Phases in Superalloys: Valence-Dependent Bond-Order Potentials Based on Ab-Initio Calculations (T. Hammerschmidt, B. Seiser, R. Drautz, and D. Pettifor).

Microstructure Modeling of the Dynamic Recrystallization Kinetics during Turbine Disc Forging of the Nickel Based Superalloy Allvac 718 Plus (D. Huber, C. Stotter, C. Sommitsch, S. Mitsche, P. Poelt, B. Buchmayr, and M. Stockinger).

High Temperature Nanoindentation of Ni-Base Superalloys (A. Sawant, S. Tin, and J. Zhao).

A New Analytical Method of γ/γ' Morphology in Single Crystal Ni-Base Superalloys: For New Orientation of Damage and Remaining Life Assessment (M. Sakaguchi, and M. Okazaki).

Characterization of Three-Dimensional Dendritic Structures in Nickel-Base Single Crystals for Investigation of Defect Formation (J. Madison, J. Spowart, D. Rowenhorst, J. Fiedler, and T. Pollock).

High Temperature Behavior II.

Atom Probe Tomography Analysis of Possible Rhenium Clustering in Nickel-Based Superalloys (A. Mottura, M. Miller, and R. Reed).

Designing of High-Rhemium Single Cristal Ni-Based Supealloy for Gas Turbine Blades (E. Kablov, and N.Petrushin).

Numerical Modelling of Creep Deformation in a CMSX-4 Single Crystal Superalloy Turbine Blade (D. Dye, A. Ma, and R. Reed).

Modeling, Simulation and Validation I.

Precipitation Model Validation in 3rd Generation Aeroturbine Disc Alloys (G. Olson, H. Jou, J. Jung, J. Sebastian, A. Misra, I. Locci, and D. Hull).

A Modeling Tool for the Precipitation Simulations of Superalloys during Heat Treatments (K. Wu, F. Zhang, S. Chen, W. Cao, and Y. Chang).

Non-Isothermal Creep Behavior of a Second Generation Ni-Based Single Crystal Superalloy: Experimental Characterization and Modeling (J. Cormier, X. Milhet, F. Vogel, and J. Mendez).

Development of a Simulation Approach to Microstructure Evolution during Solidification and Homogenisation Using the Phase Field Method (N. Warnken, A. Drevermann, D. Ma, S. Fries, and I. Steinbach).

Modeling, Simulation and Validation II.

A Coupled Creep Plasticity Model for Residual Stress Relaxation of a Shot Peened Nickel-Base Superalloy (D. Buchanan, R. John, R. Brockman, and A. Rosenberger).

Integration of Simulations and Experiments for Modeling Superalloy Grain Growth (E. Payton, G. Wang, N. Ma, Y. Wang, M. Mills, D. Whitis, D. Mourer, and D. Wei).

Polycrystalline Modelling of Udimet 720 Forging (J. Thebault, D. Solas, C. Rey, T. Baudin, O. Fandeur, and M. Clavel).

Studies on Alloying Element Partitioning in DMS4 Nickel Base Superalloy Using Monte Carlo Simulations and 3D Atom Probe (R. Balamuralikrishnan, R. Sankarasubramanian, M. Pathak, K. Muraleedharan, and N. Das).

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