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Superelectrophiles and Their Chemistry

Superelectrophiles and Their Chemistry

George A. Olah, Douglas A. Klumpp

ISBN: 978-0-470-04961-7

Nov 2007

301 pages

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Superelectrophiles and Their Chemistry contains, for the first-time, a discussion of the basics of this emerging field of organic chemistry, alongside tools to help the reader apply the chemistry. Specific tools include an evaluation of the ways to increase the strength of electrophiles, the classification of superelectrophiles, the solvation issues, a review of methods for studying superelectrophilicity, with details of the superelectrophiles that have been identified and studied. Additional information includes substituent effects in activation of superelectrophiles, and solvation in chemical reactions, as well as an insightful look into future applications.

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1. General Aspects.

2. Study of Superelectrophiles.

3. Generating Superelectrophiles.

4. Gitonic Geminal Superelectrophiles.

5. Gitonic Vicinal Superelectrophiles.

6. Gitonic 1,3-Superelectrophiles.

7. Distonic Superelectrophiles.

8. Significance and Outlook.


""An invaluable reference for chemists in academia and research, industrial chemists in pharmaceutical and petrochemical fields, and graduate students."" (Anticancer Research 28: 2008)

""This book has implications for synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry, enzyme chemistry and catalysis, and inorganic chemistry too."" (Chemistry World, June 2008)