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Supervision and the Analytic Attitude



Supervision and the Analytic Attitude

Christine Driver, Edward Martin

ISBN: 978-1-861-56473-3 February 2005 220 Pages


Supervision is a discipline that is informed and enlivened by the theories, insights and understandings of the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic disciplines to which it is related. This book takes key theories and engages with them in relation to the supervisory process and the supervisory relationship and considers how they inform an analytic attitude and generate awareness, understanding, and meaning between supervisor and supervisee about the patient. The authors are all Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists and / or Analytical Psychologists, have worked extensively as supervisors and have experience in training supervisors. This book is aimed at all supervisors who work Psychodynamically or Psychoanalytically.
The Unconscious in Relation to Supervision.

Language and interpretation in Supervision.

Bion's 'vertex' as a Supervisory Object.

Free association in Supervision.

Attachment and The Supervisory Alliance.

Ego and superego in Supervision.

Supervision as an Alchemical Process.

Creativity in supervision.

The Interface Between Supervision and Training and Supervision and the Law.

Shame in Supervision.

Supervision as Self-questioning.