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Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective

Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective

Nada R. Sanders

ISBN: 978-0-470-91395-6

Nov 2011

448 pages



In Supply Chain Management 1e, Nada Sanders presents material from a uniquely balanced, integrative, and business-oriented viewpoint. Examining supply chain management as a boundary-spanning function that is intertwined with other organizational areas, the text provides future supply chain managers instruction on interactions and integration of multiple business units. Supply Chain Management contains extensive pedagogy and solved problems to make difficult concepts accessible, along with examples of the latest business practices in supply chain management.

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Supply Chain Management.

CHAPTER 2 Supply Chain Strategy.

CHAPTER 3 Network & System Design.

CHAPTER 4 Marketing.

CHAPTER 5 Operations Management.

CHAPTER 6 Sourcing.

CHAPTER 7 Logistics.

CHAPTER 8 Forecasting & Demand Planning.

CHAPTER 9 Inventory Management.

CHAPTER 10 Lean Systems & Six-Sigma Quality.

CHAPTER 11 Supply Chain Relationship Management.

CHAPTER 12 Global Supply Chain Management.

CHAPTER 13 Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Cross-Functional Presentation: Supply chain management is presented as a boundary-spanning function; and therefore, the text includes coverage of relevant business units, including marketing, operations, sourcing, and logistics, showing their integration with and impact on supply chain management.
Managerial Focus: Intertwined with cutting edge and successful business practices, the text provides examples of supply chain management as the core of successful companies and the driver of best business practices.
Technology Focus: The text features the latest technologies that support supply chain management, along with business examples that illustrate its role in this functional area.