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Supporting Strategy: Frameworks, Methods and Models



Supporting Strategy: Frameworks, Methods and Models

Frances A. O'Brien (Editor), Robert G. Dyson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-72833-8 July 2011 24 Pages

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Supporting Strategy develops the concept of the strategic development process. The book begins by describing a balanced process for strategy development, spanning direction setting, strategy creation, rehearsal, evaluation and choice, leading to a continuous process of adopting strategic initiatives. It then goes on to present a practical collection of frameworks, methods and models which both individually and in combination can be used to support strategy. The collection includes: drama theory, visioning methods, problem structuring methods, resource based view of strategy, SWOT / TOWS analysis, system dynamics, agent based modelling, scenario planning, decision and risk analysis, financial evaluation, real options, robustness analysis and performance measurement.

This is a contributed work with original content written fro the book from leading academics in the field, including Maureen Meadows, Robert Berry, Jim Bryant, Adrian Caldart, Alberto Franco, Giles Hindle, Nigel Howard, Martin Kunc, Abhijit Mandal, Gilberto Montibeller, John Morecroft, Martin Murtland, Fernando Oliveira, and Efstathios Tapinos.
Preface ix

About the Contributors xi

Part I Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Strategic Development Process 3
Robert G. Dyson, Jim Bryant, John Morecroft and Frances O’Brien

Part II Setting Direction 25

Chapter 2 Visioning: A Process for Strategic Development 27
Maureen Meadows and Frances O’Brien

Chapter 3 Achieving Strategy Coherence 55
Jim Bryant and Nigel Howard

Chapter 4 Problem Structuring and the Building and Negotiation of Strategic Agendas 87
Alberto Franco, Jim Bryant and Giles Hindle

Part III Creating Strategic Initiatives 115

Chapter 5 Strategy Creation – The Resource-Based View 117
Abhijit Mandal

Chapter 6 Methods for Creating Strategic Initiatives 137
Robert G. Dyson

Part IV Rehearsing Strategy 155

Chapter 7 System Dynamics Modelling for Strategic Development 157
Martin Kunc and John Morecroft

Chapter 8 The Impact of Organisational Complexity in the Strategy Development Process 191
Adrián A. Caldart and Fernando S. Oliveira

Chapter 9 Creating and Using Scenarios – Exploring Alternative Possible Futures and their Impact on Strategic Decisions 211
Frances O’Brien, Maureen Meadows and Martin Murtland

Part V Evaluating Performance 249

Chapter 10 Decision and Risk Analysis for the Evaluation of Strategic Options 251
Gilberto Montibeller and Alberto Franco

Chapter 11 Performance Measurement 285
Efstathios Tapinos and Robert G. Dyson

Chapter 12 A Financial Perspective on Strategic Investments 313
Robert H. Berry

Chapter 13 Flexibility, Robustness and Real Options 343
Robert G. Dyson and Fernando S. Oliveira

Part VI Combining Approaches to Support Strategic Development 367

Chapter 14 Gone Fishing: A Case Study 369
Jim Bryant, Maureen Meadows, John Morecroft and Frances O’Brien

Author Index 395

Subject Index 401

  • Spans literature from the fields of  Strategy and Management Science / Operational Research.
  • Brings together a novel collection of strategy support frameworks methods and models.
  • Provides a balance between strategy formulation and strategy evaluation.
  • Highlights the role and importance of strategy rehearsal.
  • Each chapter will focus on a particular method and provides an introduction to the method and its role in supporting strategic development, an example of how to execute the method, a case study of the method in practice, and a review of past and future developments.