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Supporting Work Team Effectiveness: Best Management Practices for Fostering High Performance

Supporting Work Team Effectiveness: Best Management Practices for Fostering High Performance

Eric Sundstrom and Associates

ISBN: 978-0-787-94322-6 November 1998 Jossey-Bass 416 Pages


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A Guide For Managers Of Team-Based Organizations

One of few books to address the management issues of team-basedcompanies, this work shows how to build an organizationalinfrastructure conducive to superior team performance. The workdispenses with the usual one-model-fits-all approach to identifysix distinct types of teams?production, service, management,project, action, and advisory?and explain in detail how to design,implement, and manage the unique systems, policies, and practicesthat support each. The contributors?all leading consultants andresearchers?draw from important case studies to present the bestmanagement practices of team-based organizations. Covers everynuance from management structuring to team staffing to informationsystems. Even shows how to create a physical facility that's rightfor teams.


The Authors.

Part One: Laying the Foundation for High-Performance WorkTeams.

1. The Challenges of Supporting Work Team Effectiveness.

2. Organizing Teams for Success.

3. Selection and Staffing for Team Effectiveness.

Part Two: Leading, Training, Measuring, and Rewarding Teams.

4. The Roles of Leaders in High-Performance Teams.

5. Training for Team Effectiveness.

6. Measurement and Feedback Systems for Teams.

7. Creating Effective Pay Systems for Teams.

Part Three: Infrastructure for Team Effectiveness.

8. Information Technology and High-Performance Teams.

9. Communication Technologies for Traditional and VirtualTeams.

10. Facility Design for High-Performance Teams.

Part Four: Best Management Practices for High-PerformanceTeams.

11. Supporting Work Team Effectiveness: Best Practices.