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Surface Coatings: Science and Technology, 2nd Edition

Surface Coatings: Science and Technology, 2nd Edition

Swaraj Paul (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95818-5

May 1996

950 pages

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Surface Coatings Second Edition Swaraj Paul PP Polymer AB, Sp?nga, Sweden This is a fully revised and up-dated edition of the popular book 'Surface Coatings' first published in 1985. The book provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of coating technology including composition, preparation and application, and the parameters controlling their ultimate performance. Techniques in their infancy at the time of the first edition, such as the synthesis of industrial resins, have now been developed and their applications are discussed here in detail. The basic principles of paint formulation have been revised and an extra section has been added on new technologies. The new sections have been written by experts working in the industry which gives the book a new dimension; covering both theoretical and practical aspects of the state-of-the-art. The editor has extensive experience in the surface coating field and runs his own research and development company specializing in the chemistry of surface coatings, adhesives and polymeric materials.
Synthesis of Polymeric Binders (S. Paul).
Industrial Resins (S. Paul).
Pigments (S. Paul).
Principles of Solvent Selection in Paint Formulations (J. Klein D. Wu).
Pigment Dispersion Formulation (H. Jakubauskas).
Surface Preparation and Paint Application (S. Paul).
Paint Properties and Their Evaluation (S. Paul).
Types of Coatings (S. Paul).
New Technologies (S. Paul, et al.).