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Surface Photochemistry

Surface Photochemistry

Masakazu Anpo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95031-8 October 1996 186 Pages


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This first volume in the series brings together the latest developments in solid surface photochemistry, providing insights into the most up to date research activities on light-initiated chemical reactions. The book offers a comprehensive study of the photochemical and photophysical properties of molecules on various surfaces like zeolites, metals and metal oxides. Chapter 1 discusses the nature of the photochemical and photophysical reactions occurring on solid surfaces. Subsequent chapters deal with a description of the dynamical aspects of surface photohemistry, a study of the specific nature of photochemistry of molecules included within zeolite cavities and a comprehensive study of the reactivities of photo-generated electron-hole pair states involved in photo-induced and photocatalytic reactions. The book also investigates many possible and actual key applications of solid surface photochemistry, such as molecular photo-devices, photo-chemical vapour deposition of thin layered semiconductors, sensitive optical media and control of photochemical reaction paths as well as efficient photocatalytic reaction processes which will be indispensable for ecologically clean and safe chemical systems. Surface Photochemistry will be of interest to researchers in surface science and also to graduate students interested in catalysis or photo-chemistry. It will be valuable as a reference book for academics in many aspects of materials science.
Characteristics of Photoexcitation Processes on Solid Surfaces (K.Domen).

Dynamics of Surface Photochemistry (F. Zimmermann & W.Ho).

Excited State Chemistry of Organic Molecules Included with Zeolites(V. Ramamurthy).

Photochemistry of Surface Species Anchored on Solid Surfaces (M.Anpo & H. Yamashita).

Glossary of Symbols.