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Surface and Interfacial Forces

Surface and Interfacial Forces

Hans-Jürgen Butt, Michael Kappl

ISBN: 978-3-527-40849-8 March 2010 436 Pages


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This systematic introduction to the topic includes theoretical concepts to help readers understand and predict surface forces, while also integrating experimental techniques and practical applications with up-to-date examples plus motivating exercises.
Starting with intermolecular forces, the authors discuss different surfaces forces, with a major part devoted to surface forces between solid surfaces in liquid media. In addition, they cover surface forces between liquid-vapor interfaces and between liquid-liquid interfaces.
1. Introduction
2. Van der Waals Forces
3. Experimental Methods
4. Electrostatic Double-layer Forces
5. Capillary Forces
6. Hydrodynamic Forces
7. Interfacial Forces between Fluid Interfaces and across Thin Films
8. Contact Mechanics and Adhesion Friction
9. Solvation Forces and Non-DLVO Forces in Water
10. Surface Forces in Polymer Solutions and Melts
11. Solutions to Exercises
"The succesfull synthesis of theoretical, simulative, experimental and applicative aspects in combination with high clarity, motivative strength and brilliant organization make it an outstanding textbook, to be recommended to any surface, interface or particle engineer or scientist in the field of micro- or nanotechnology." (Materials and Corrosion, 2011)