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Surgery: Clinical Cases Uncovered



Surgery: Clinical Cases Uncovered

Harold Ellis, Christopher Watson

ISBN: 978-1-444-39299-9 September 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages

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Rehearse for life in clinical practice with this easy-to-use and unique series, which combines cases drawn from real-life experiences with a refreshing approach to presentations as you would see them in day-to-day situations.

Get the most from clinical practice, with Clinical Cases Uncovered

Packed full with over 120 cases, this comprehensive title on the surgical management of conditions will be your core revision text.

Featuring everything you need to know on surgery, Professor Harold Ellis and Christopher Watson have left nothing out. Whether it's a gastric ulcer or an intercranial mass shown up on an MR scan, you can work your way through with Clinical Cases Uncovered.

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How to use this book.

Part 1 Basics.

Approach to the patient.

Part 2 Cases.

Case 1 Postoperative dyspnoea.

Case 2 Inside out.

Case 3 A wound leak.

Case 4 An inflamed neck.

Case 5 Postoperative infection.

Case 6 A sore neck.

Case 7 Hidden infection.

Case 8 Burnt thorax.

Case 9 Burn treatment.

Case 10 Lumps on the scalp.

Case 11 A lump on the wrist.

Case 12 Recurrent abscesses over the sacrum.

Case 13 A septic great toe.

Case 14 A skin tumour.

Case 15 Two old gentlemen with facial ulceration.

Case 16 A pigmented spot on the face.

Case 17 A pigmented skin lesion that has got bigger.

Case 18 Lump on the chest wall.

Case 19 A patient with a chest drain.

Case 20 A fatal lung disease.

Case 21 A pulsating abdominal mass.

Case 22 Abdominal bruising.

Case 23 A painful calf.

Case 24 Black toes.

Case 25 A useful instrument in vascular surgery.

Case 26 A young woman with cold hands.

Case 27 A complication of varicose veins.

Case 28 A chronic leg ulcer.

Case 29 Another leg ulcer.

Case 30 A cerebral mass on magnetic resonance imaging.

Case 31 A cerebral vascular catastrophe.

Case 32 A baby with a large head.

Case 33 A blow to the skull.

Case 34 A severe head injury.

Case 35 Another severe head injury.

Case 36 A spinal abnormality in a newborn child.

Case 37 Back injury.

Case 38 A lacerated wrist.

Case 39 A hand deformity.

Case 40 A deformed finger.

Case 41 A boy with a droopy eyelid.

Case 42 A lump on the lip.

Case 43 A white plaque on the tongue.

Case 44 A baby with two gross congenital deformities.

Case 45 A painful submandibular swelling.

Case 46 A lump over the angle of the jaw.

Case 47 A patient with difficulty swallowing.

Case 48 Another patient with difficulty in swallowing.

Case 49 A third patient with dysphagia.

Case 50 Heartburn.

Case 51 Vomiting in a baby.

Case 52 A gastric ulcer.

Case 53 A bloody vomit.

Case 54 An acute abdominal emergency.

Case 55 A fateful vomit.

Case 56 A serious gastric lesion.

Case 57 A surgical specimen of stomach.

Case 58 An acutely painful, distended abdomen.

Case 59 Neonatal intestinal obstruction.

Case 60 A very constipated small boy.

Case 61 A painful distended abdomen in an old man.

Case 62 An unusual case of severe rectal bleeding in a child.

Case 63 An abdominal mass in a young man.

Case 64 A striking and diagnostic facial appearance.

Case 65 Acute abdomen in a medical student.

Case 66 Yet another mass in the right iliac fossa.

Case 67 A symptomless finding on a barium enema examination.

Case 68 Ulcerative colitis.

Case 69 A complication of longstanding ulcerative colitis.

Case 70 A very old woman with an abdominal mass.

Case 71 A patient with subacute obstruction.

Case 72 A pathological anal verge.

Case 73 A painful mass at the anal verge.

Case 74 Another painful mass at the anal verge.

Case 75 An agonizing anal verge.

Case 76 A very painful buttock.

Case 77 A patient with recurrent perianal sepsis.

Case 78 A prolapsing anal mass.

Case 79 An ulcer in the rectum.

Case 80 An ulcer at the anal verge.

Case 81 A large swelling in the groin.

Case 82 A groin lump in an old woman.

Case 83 A lump at the umbilicus.

Case 84 A swelling in the abdominal wall.

Case 85 A jaundiced and very ill patient.

Case 86 A postmortem finding.

Case 87 A man with a grossly swollen abdomen.

Case 88 A massive haematemesis.

Case 89 A schoolmistress with attacks of abdominal pain.

Case 90 A collection of calculi.

Case 91 A patient with jaundice and interesting physical signs.

Case 92 The patient in Case 91 has surgery.

Case 93 A giant abdominal mass.

Case 94 A severe abdominal injury.

Case 95 A painless lump in the neck.

Case 96 Swollen legs in a young woman.

Case 97 A frightened girl with a breast lump.

Case 98 Breast screening.

Case 99 An ulcerating breast lesion.

Case 100 A sinister break.

Case 101 A woman with a sore nipple.

Case 102 A painless lump in the neck.

Case 103 A young immigrant with a lump in the neck.

Case 104 A lump in the neck that moves on swallowing.

Case 105 A woman with an obvious endocrine disease.

Case 106 A mass of cervical lymph nodes.

Case 107 A rapidly enlarging mass in the neck.

Case 108 A patient with colic, and its endocrine underlying cause.

Case 109 A girl with hirsutes.

Case 110 Congenital disease of both kidneys.

Case 111 Haematuria of sinister origin.

Case 112 A gross congenital abnormality.

Case 113 A bladder stone found at autopsy.

Case 114 An insidius cause of lumbago.

Case 115 A man with difficulty passing urine and with an interesting X-ray.

Case 116 Sciatica with a sinister cause.

Case 117 A patient with a very distended bladder.

Case 118 A foreskin problem in a child.

Case 119 An ulcerated prepuce.

Case 120 A missing testis.

Case 121 A swelling in the scrotum.

Case 122 Two examples of testicular tumours.

Case 123 A renal transplant recipient with a gastrointestinal haemorrhage.

Part 3 Self-assessment.





Index of cases by diagnosis.


"... represents excellent value for money for the scrub contingent." (Journal of Perioperative Practice, October 2010)

“It’s fantastic selection of photographs and diagrams certainly outshine most surgical review books.” (Doody's Reviews, May 2009)

  • Written by authors of the bestselling Lecture Notes: General Surgery, this title in the CCU series contains a vast array of surgical cases for the student to experience and explore
  • Gives a firm understanding of signs and symptoms that might indicate a need for surgical intervention and the various treatment and management issues involved in surgery
  • Covers a core area of the medical curriculum
  • An ideal supplement to surgical attachments or rotations and for revision in the lead-up to surgical Finals