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Surviving Cancer Emotionally: Learning How to Heal

Surviving Cancer Emotionally: Learning How to Heal

Roger Granet

ISBN: 978-0-471-38741-1

Oct 2001

240 pages

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Inspiration and Information to Help You Cope With the Emotional Effects of Cancer

Cancer changes our lives-physically and emotionally. The more you understand about your psychological reactions to cancer, the more effectively you can cope. In this powerful book, Dr. Roger Granet, a psychiatrist who specializes in the emotional side effects of cancer and its treatment, draws on two decades of experience as he explains what you can expect emotionally at each phase. Here's advice on:
* Dealing with the diagnosis
* Finding the coping style that's right for you
* Handling the many demands of treatment
* Knowing when to ask for help-and how to find it
* Surviving and coming to terms with a different you
* Handling the fear of recurrence

Written with compassion and clarity, Surviving Cancer Emotionally reveals how we can cope with a devastating illness and turn it into a positive catalyst for embracing life.

""Dr. Granet provides ways to help people heal emotionally as they cope with an illness that carries great fears with it. Patients and families will find this book a helpful companion as they undertake the cancer journey with all its twists and turns.""-Jimmie Holland, M.D., Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

""Dr. Granet is a caring physician with a heart and soul, and an unusual gift for telling a story. This book should be read by anybody who has cancer, or who has a loved one with cancer.""-Robert Michels, M.D., University Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, Cornell University, and former Dean and Provost, Cornell University Medical College



Understanding the Emotional and Physical Realities of Cancer.

Coping: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why.


One Crisis Ends, Another Begins.

Coping with the Diagnosis.

Treatment's Many Demands.

Survival: Returning to ""Normal""?


The Emotional Disorders of Cancer and Their Treatment.

For Family and Friends.

Cancer's Journey and Other Good Fortunes.

Sources and Further Reading.


This user-friendly guide to surviving a cancer diagnosis and the ensuing treatment will be enormously helpful to patient and their intimates. A consulting psychiatrist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Granet provides a wealth of information about many types of cancers and treatments such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants. But his central focus is the emotional toll of all aspects of the disease and the importance of seeking support from many of the available resources to cope successfully. While Granet gives no credence to the theory that particular personality traits contribute to cancer, he does insist that a patient's emotional well-being improves her quality of life. In order to maintain emotional health, he recommends strategies for copying after diagnosis, and during and after treatment (one patient struggles with ""the endless waiting"" leading up to and following tests and treatments). He addresses the fear of recurrence and death. Since the needs and preferences of cancer patients differ, he recommends a variety of workable techniques, based on compelling case histories, such as counseling, participation in support groups and a renewed reliance on caretaking by friends and family. He also believes that all patients benefit from acknowledging their difficult emotions rather them blurring them with alcohol or drugs; indeed, in his customarily compassionate, calm manner, readers will sense that he does not turn away from difficult feelings and fears. He does, though, advocate pain medication as an important tool when appropriate. Nothing that cancer survivors often gain deeper spiritual values and emotional maturity, the author sees the possibility of strength and grace where people often expect humiliation and dysfunction. (Oct.) (Publishers Weekly, September 3, 2001)