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Sustainability in Australian Business: Principles and Practice

Sustainability in Australian Business: Principles and Practice

ISBN: 978-0-730-30031-1

Oct 2012

456 pages

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Sustainability is moving from the margins of business thinking and practice to the centre. Key factors and major global issues transforming the business environment include renewable energy requirements, climate change, Asian sweatshops, patterns of international poverty, indigenous rights, and the introduction by governments of carbon taxes or emissions trading schemes. A new paradigm of business — sustainable business — is emerging: that is, organisations having to accept a wider responsibility for both environmental and social wellbeing.

At the same time, the notion of sustainable business also offers organisations the potential for enhanced business value: better management of risk and new market opportunities. Businesses that adopt sustainability principles and practices can strategically position themselves for market leadership in this new environment. This text outlines the key principles and practice of sustainable business, presenting a challenging and stimulating view of contemporary business for university studies. It provides both aspiring and current managers with a detailed insight into how sustainability principles can be applied in core business areas such as accounting, finance, marketing and production. It is a guide to business in the sustainability age.

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Applications at a glance ix

Acknowledgements xi

CHAPTER 1 Sustainability, economy and society
by Professor Gianna Moscardo 1

CHAPTER 2 Sustainability, stakeholders and the nature of the rm
by Dr Wayne Fallon 35

CHAPTER 3 Business ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility
by Professor Gianna Moscardo 67

CHAPTER 4 The economics of sustainable development
by Dr Philip Lawn 99

CHAPTER 5 Sustainable business models
by Dr Geoff Lamberton 133

CHAPTER 6 Carbon management
by Dr Geoff Lamberton 161

CHAPTER 7 Strategy
by Dr Don Clift on and Dr Geoff Wells 187

CHAPTER 8 Sustainability accounting and reporting
by Dr Anna Rowe 219

CHAPTER 9 Finance
by Dr Jacquelyn Humphrey 249

CHAPTER 10 Marketing and sustainability
by Professor Gianna Moscardo 273

CHAPTER 11 Sustainable production
by Will Kershaw and Marguerite Renouf 315

CHAPTER 12 Human resources and sustainability
by Dr Retha Wiesner 343

CHAPTER 13 Global environment
by Dr Brad Pettitt 367

CHAPTER 14 Global development
by Professor Gianna Moscardo 397

CHAPTER 15 Social business
by Dr Geoff Lamberton 427

Glossary 453

Index 461

  • Real world chapter opening examples set the scene for each chapter topic
  • Learning objective icons indicate where each chapter learning objective is covered in the body of the chapter, for ease of study and navigation
  • Spotlight boxed examples appear regularly in each chapter, outlining the practical application of key concepts
  • Key terms and concepts are highlighted in the body text and defined in the margin for ease of reference
  • Self-study and/or class activities at the end of each chapter include review and discussion questions, as well as a closing case study for further student analysis