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Sustainability in Combining Career and Care: Challenging Normative Beliefs about Parenting



Sustainability in Combining Career and Care: Challenging Normative Beliefs about Parenting


In this special issue on Sustainability in Combining Career and Care, eight empirical studies following from an integrative framework address normative beliefs about parenting, "choices" in combining work and family, and outcomes for individual careers, couples, and children.
  • Offers an integrative framework for understanding and changing the effects of normative beliefs about parenting on "choices" at the work-family interface and on outcomes for careers, couple and children.
  • Highlights a wide range of multi-method studies of the work-family interface from multiple countries.
  • Employs a micro-, meso-, and macro-level perspective on creating and promoting sustainability in combining career and care.
  • Sheds a new light on popular misconceptions and stereotype reproductions in the media about the challenges, choices, and consequences of combining career and care for working parents.
  • Posits an innovative process model for changing normative beliefs about parenting and career success: The "Triple-N Model" of (1) Nominating Norms, (2) Navigating Norms (3) and creating New, No-nonsense Norms.


Sustainability in Combining Career and Care: Challenging Normative Beliefs about Parenting Marloes L. van Engen Claartje J. Vinkenburg Josje S. E. Dikkers 645

Section I The Work-Family Interface

Workload, Work-to-Family Conflict, and Health: Gender Differences and the Influence of Private Life Context Marc J. P. M. van Veldhoven Susanne E. Beijer 665

The Association between Work-Family Guilt and Pro- and Anti-Social Work Behavior Whitney Botsford Morgan Eden B. King 684

Section II Normative Beliefs About Parenting

The "Bad Parent" Assumption: How Gender Stereotypes Affect Reactions to Working Mothers Tyler G. Okimoto Madeline E. Heilman 704

Bias in Employment Decisions about Mothers and Fathers: The (Dis)Advantages of Sharing Care Responsibilities Claartje J. Vinkenburg Marloes L. van Engen Jennifer Coffeng Josje S. E. Dikkers 725

Section III Family-Friendly Arrangements and Individual Career Outcomes

Pursuing Career Success while Sustaining Personal and Family Weil-Being A Study of Reduced-Load Professionals over Time Douglas T. Hall Maty Dean Lee Ellen Ernst Kossek Mireia Las Heras 742

Entitled to a Sustainable Career? Motherhood in Science, Engineering, and Technology Clem Hainan Suzan Lewis 767

Section IV The Work-Family Interface and Couple- And Family-Related Outcomes

Work-Family Conflict in Sri Lanka: Negotiations of Exchange Relationships in Family and at Work Pavithra Kailasapathy Isabel Metz 790

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Gender, Culture, and College Students' Views about Work and Family Wendy A. Goldberg Erin Kelly Nicole L. Matthews Hannah Kang Weilin Li Mariya Sumaroka 814


The "Triple-N" Model: Changing Normative Beliefs about Parenting and Career Success Steven Poelmans 838