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Sustainable Agriculture in Temperate Zones



Sustainable Agriculture in Temperate Zones


This timely work reviews the best current thinking on practicing sustainable agriculture, with contributions from agricultural, biological, environmental and social scientists. The emphasis is on temperate zones, with many of the contributions addressing U.S. agriculture. However, the principles explored here have application in any climatic or geographical region. The book discusses stewardship, biodiversity, reliance on mixed food systems and other approaches, always with a view toward reducing environmental degradation, maintaining economic viability and stabilizing rural communities.
Sustainable Agriculture: An Overview (C. Francis & G.Youngberg).

Breeding Hybrids and Varieties for Sustainable Systems (C.Francis).

Design of Pest Management Systems for Sustainable Agriculture (G.Bird, et al.).

Sustainable Weed Management Practices (M. Liebman & R.Janke).

Sustainable Soil Fertility Practices (L. King).

Legumes and Crop Rotations (J. Power).

Management and Soil Biology (J. Doran & M. Werner).

Pasture Management (B. Murphy).

Case Study: A Resource-Efficient Farm with Livestock (R. Thompson,et al.).

Converting to Sustainable Farming Systems (R. Andrews, etal.).

The Economics of Sustainable Low-Input Farming Systems (J.Madden).

Sustainability of Agriculture and Rural Communities (C.Flora).

Policy Issues and Agricultural Sustainability (C. Flora).

Agriculture with Nature as Analogy (W. Jackson).

Major Issues Confronting Sustainable Agriculture (W.Lockeretz).

Future Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture (C. Francis).

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