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Sustainable Fishery Systems, 2nd Edition

Sustainable Fishery Systems, 2nd Edition

Anthony T. Charles

ISBN: 978-1-119-51183-0

Feb 2020, Wiley-Blackwell

440 pages

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This new edition of Sustainable Fishery Systems maintains the “systems” perspective of the first edition, with a considerably updated and expanded initial chapter on the topic. It will update the coverage in existing chapters of rights-based management (and community-based management) and of ecosystem-based management. New chapters will look at the ‘bigger picture’ around fisheries, covering links of fisheries to (1) Marine protected areas, (2) Biodiversity conservation, and (3) Integrated (multi-sectoral) management.

Table of Contents
(Note that chapters not labelled “new” will be fully updated and expanded.)
1. Introduction
Part A. Motivations
2. The Story of a Fishery Collapse (NEW)
3. Challenges in Fishery Systems: Uncertainty, Complexity, Conflict (NEW)
Part B. Understanding Fishery Systems: Structure and Dynamics
4. Fishery Systems: Applying a Social-Ecological Systems Lens
5. The Natural System
6. The Human System
7. The Management/Governance System
a. Fishery Governance (NEW)
b. Fishery Management
c. Fishery Development
d. Fishery Research
8. Dynamics of Fishery Systems
Part C. Sustaining Fishery Systems: A Toolkit of Modern Approaches
9. Sustainability Assessment
10. The Precautionary Approach
11. The Ecosystem Approach
12. Rights-Based Approaches
13. Co-management and Community-Based Approaches
14. Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas (NEW)
15. Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation (NEW)
16. Fisheries in Marine and Coastal Systems: Integrated Management (NEW)
17. Conclusion: Resilient Fishery Systems and Robust Management
Appendix: Integrated Models of Fishery Systems (MAY REMOVE)