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Sustainable Fishery Systems

Anthony T. Charles

ISBN: 978-0-632-05775-7 March 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 388 Pages


This book provides a comprehensive attempt to adopt an 'integrated' interdisciplinary approach to the study of fisheries. Fisheries are discussed as holistic 'systems', with emphasis on their structure, operation and dynamics. The book's interdisciplinary approach is applied to an analysis of problems faced in pursuing 'sustainable fisheries', with emphasis on six dominant themes: sustainability, uncertainty, complexity, conflict, fishing rights and the nature of management. Within this discussion, several major directions in current fishery thinking are explored, notably the precautionary approach, the ecosystem approach, co-management, and robust management for resilient fisheries.
Series Foreword.

Preface and Acknowledgements.


Part I: The Fishery System: Structure and Dynamics.

1 Fishery Systems.

2 The Natural System.

3 The Human System.

4 The Management System: Policy and Planning.

5 Fishery Management.

6 Fishery Development.

7 Fishery Research.

8 Dynamics of the Fishery System.

9 Case Studies of Fishery Systems.

Part II: Toward Sustainable Fishery Systems.

10 Sustainability in Fishery Systems.

11 Uncertainty and the Precautionary Approach.

12 Complexity, Diversity and the Ecosystem Approach.

13 Fishery Conflicts and the Co-management Approach.

14 Rights in Fishery Systems.

15 Resilient Fishery Systems and Robust Management.

Appendix: Integrated Biosocioeconomic Analysis of Fishery Systems.



"Sustainable Fishery Systems is the most comprehensive treatise I have read on the subject of fisheries systems. Readers will be hard-pressed to find a fisheries-related topic that is not at least touched upon or mentioned in passing, and many topics are treated with thoroughness." (Fish and Fisheries)
* unique in providing a truly 'integrated' interdisciplinary approach to fisheries analysis
* perfect text for fishery courses that seek both to transcend disciplinary boundaries and to combine theoretical analysis with practical case studies
* case studies from around the world integrated into the text and in highlighted 'boxes'.
* of interest to fishery professionals, students from all disciplines, and practitioners within the fishery sector - all those seeking a broader, interdisciplinary, more 'systems-oriented' perspective on fisheries.
* international market
* Anthony Charles is internationally recognised for his interdisciplinary approach to the study of fisheries, notably in fishery conservation, socioeconomics, policy and modelling, as well as for his considerable experience with fisheries of both developed and developing nations