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Sustainable Food Processing

Brijesh K. Tiwari (Editor), Tomas Norton (Editor), Nicholas M. Holden (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-67223-5 December 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 600 Pages



With global inequalities becoming more pronounced, ingredient costs climbing, and global warming a major political issue, food producers must now address environmental concerns, social responsibility and economic viability when designing their food processing techniques for the future. Sustainable food processing is all about finding new ways of meeting present needs without comprising future viability, given constantly changing economic and environmental conditions. This is not just a corporate social responsibility issue, but relates directly to efficiency, cost-saving and profitability, and so the food industry must increasingly embrace sustainable food processing in order to succeed.

This book provides a comprehensive overview on both economic sustainability and environmental concerns relating to food processing. It promotes ways of increasing sustainability in all the major sectors of the food industry, and will establish itself as a standard reference book on sustainable food processing. It will be of great interest to academic and industrial professionals.

Opening chapters cover the concept and principles of sustainable food processing, with reference to various food processing sectors (dairy, meat, seafood, grain, fruit and vegetables). Further chapters on brewing, cold chain, consumption and packaging provide a comprehensive guide to making these key processes more sustainable. Issues such as cleaning, sanitation, and carbon footprint are discussed, before dedicated chapters covering energy and water consumption in the food industry address economic sustainability. Environmental impact assessment and food processing, waste utilization, risk assessment, and regulatory and legislative issues are also addressed.

Contributors include a combination of leading academic and industrial experts, to provide informed and industrially relevant perspectives on these topics.

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1 Introduction 1
Brijesh K. Tiwari, Tomas Norton and Nicholas M. Holden

Section 1: Principles and Assessment 9

2 Current Concepts and Applied Research in Sustainable Food Processing 11
Wayne Martindale, Tim Finnigan and Louise Needham

3 Environmental Sustainability in Food Processing 39
Poritosh Roy, Takahiro Orikasa, Nobutaka Nakamura and Takeo Shiina

4 Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Food Processing 63
Nicholas M. Holden and Ming-Jia Yan

5 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 93
Colm D. Everard, Colette C. Fagan and Kevin P. McDonnell

6 Risk Analysis for a Sustainable Food Chain 103
Uma Tiwari and Enda Cummins

Section 2: Food Processing Applications 125

7 Dairy Processing 127
Anwesha Sarkar, Lakshmi Dave, Anant Dave and Shantanu Das

8 Meat Processing 169
Daniel M. Anang

9 Seafood Processing 195
Christian James, Graham Purnell and Stephen J. James

10 Sustainable Processing of Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetables 219
Francisco Artes-Hernandez, Perla A. Gomez, Encarna Aguayo, Alejandro Tomas-Callejas and Francisco Artes

11 Sustainable Food Grain Processing 269
Anil Kumar Anal, Imran Ahmad, Jiraporn Sripinyowanich and Athapol Noomhorm

12 Sustainable Brewing 295
Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan and N. N. Misra

13 Sustainable Processed Food 313
Anne Sibbel

Section 3: Food Manufacturing Operations 337

14 Concept of Sustainable Packaging System and Its Development 339
Jasim Ahmed and Tanweer Alam

15 Sustainable Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry 363
Tomas Norton and Brijesh K. Tiwari

16 Energy Consumption and Reduction Strategies in Food Processing 377
Lijun Wang

17 Water Consumption, Reuse and Reduction Strategies in Food Processing 401
Hulya Olmez

18 Food Industry Waste Management 435
Belarmino Adenso-Diaz and Carlos Mena

19 Sustainable Cold Chain 463
Stephen J. James and Christian James

Section 4: Food Distribution and Consumption 497

20 National and International Food Distribution: Do Food Miles Really Matter? 499
David Coley, Michael Winter and Mark Howard

21 Sustainable Global Food Supply Networks 521
Ultan McCarthy, Ismail Uysal, Magalie Laniel, Gerard Corkery, Francis Butler, Kevin P. McDonnell and Shane Ward

22 Sustainable Food Consumption 539
Kritika Mahadevan

Index 557