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Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies

Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies

Owen E. Dell

ISBN: 978-0-470-48060-1

Mar 2009

388 pages



Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies provides hands-on, how-to instruction for realizing the benefits of a sustainable landscape, from selecting sutainable hardscape materials to installing a rain-water catchment system to choosing native plants.

Part I: Sustainable Landscaping: The Basics.

Chapter 1: Landscaping the Sustainable Way.

Chapter 2: Making Good Decisions about What to Include in Your Landscape.

Chapter 3: Deciding Whether to Do It Yourself or Call in the Pros.

Part II: Good Design: The Key to Sustainable Landscaping.

Chapter 4: Getting Better Acquainted with Your Property.

Chapter 5: Brushing Up on Design Basics.

Chapter 6: Plotting Your Sustainable Landscape.

Part III: Water, Water, Everywhere: Water-Conserving Irrigation and Drainage.

Chapter 7: Surveying Your Watering Options.

Chapter 8: The Nuts and Bolts of Water Harvesting, Irrigation, and Drainage.

Chapter 9: Managing Water: The Other Half of the Irrigation Equation.

Chapter 10: Maintaining Water-Harvesting and Irrigation Systems.

Part IV: Hardscaping Made Easy: Creating Awesome Features without Wrecking the Environment.

Chapter 11: Preparing Your Site.

Chapter 12: Exploring Basic Hardscape Elements and Outdoor Rooms.

Chapter 13: Spicing Up Your Hardscape with Other Fun and Functional Elements.

Chapter 14: Sustainable Hardscape Construction.

Chapter 15: Hardscape Maintenance.

Part V: Great Greenery for a Green Garden.

Chapter 16: Planting the Seed: Sustainable Plant Basics.

Chapter 17: Introducing Benefi cial Trees and Shrubs to Your Landscape.

Chapter 18: Enhancing Your Landscape’s Sustainability with Smaller Plants.

Chapter 19: Exploring Lower Impact Lawns and Sustainable Lawn Alternatives.

Chapter 20: Examining the Essentials of Sustainable Garden Care.

Chapter 21: Pest and Disease Control the Sustainable Way.

Chapter 22: Opting for Organic Lawn Care.

Part VI: The Par t of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Projects That Pay You and the Environment Back Big Time.

Chapter 24: Ten Totally Nonsustainable Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Appendix: Planning for Special Situations.