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Sustainable Masonry: Stability and Behavior of Structures

Sustainable Masonry: Stability and Behavior of Structures

Thierry Ciblac, Jean-Claude Morel

ISBN: 978-1-119-00356-4 July 2014 Wiley-ISTE 304 Pages


This book covers the impact of sustainable masonry on the environment, touting the many benefits of utilizing local and/or low embodied energy materials in the construction of sustainable buildings.

Part 1. Technologies and Construction Process

1. Introduction to Sustainable Masonry.

2. Earth and Stone Materials.

3. Blocks: The Elements of Masonry.

4. Arrangement of Blocks.

Part 2. Graphic Statics

5. The Foundations of Graphic Statics.

6. Reduction and Equilibrium of a System of Forces in a Plane.

7. Funicular Polygons.

8. Projective Properties and Duality.

Part 3.Yield Design Applied to Masonry

9. Principles of Yield Design.

10. Stability of Curvilinear Masonry.

11. Homogenization and Yield Design of Masonry.