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Sustainable Swine Nutrition

Sustainable Swine Nutrition

Lee I. Chiba (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-48585-9

Nov 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

508 pages



Finding sustainable means of swine nutrition is important to both pork industry personnel and the environment alike. This reference comprehensively covers the most recent advancements in sustainability that results in more efficient diets, thus reducing both production costs and waste. Chapters include information on alternative feedstuffs, feed additives, bioavailabity of nutrients, and management of wastes and odors. Written by internationally recognized experts in the field, Sustainable Swine Nutrition will be a valuable reference for those involved in all aspects of pork production.

  • Comprehensively covers the most recent advancements in sustainability to promote reduced pork production costs and waste
  • Covers recent topics such as alternative feedstuffs, feed additives, and bioavalability
  • Discusses environmental topics such as waste and odor management
  • Written by an international team of experts in the field

Contributors ix

Preface xiii

Editor xv

Part I Fundamental Nutrition

Chapter 1 Water in Swine Nutrition 3
John F. Patience

Chapter 2 Energy and Energy Metabolism in Swine 23
Jean Noblet and Jaap Van Milgen

Chapter 3 Lipids and Lipid Utilization in Swine 59
Xi Lin, Mike Azain, and Jack Odle

Chapter 4 Amino Acids and Amino Acid Utilization in Swine 81
Nathalie L. Trottier and Rodrigo Manjar´ýn

Chapter 5 Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate Utilization in Swine 109
Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Helle Nygaard Lærke, and Henry Jørgensen

Chapter 6 Vitamins and Vitamin Utilization in Swine 139
J. Jacques Matte and Charlotte Lauridsen

Chapter 7 Minerals and Mineral Utilization in Swine 173
Gretchen M. Hill

Chapter 8 Nutrition and Gut Health in Swine 197
Benjamin P. Willing, Gita Malik, and Andrew G. Van Kessel

Part II Nutrition for Successful and Sustainable Swine Production

Chapter 9 Diet Formulation and Feeding Programs 217
Sung Woo Kim and Jeffrey A. Hansen

Chapter 10 Alternative Feedstuffs in Swine Diets 229
Ruurd T. Zijlstra and Eduardo Beltranena

Chapter 11 Fiber in Swine Nutrition 255
Pedro E. Urriola, Sarah K. Cervantes-Pahm, and Hans H. Stein

Chapter 12 Enzymes and Enzyme Supplementation of Swine Diets 277
Oluyinka A. Olukosi and Olayiwola Adeola

Chapter 13 Feed Additives in Swine Diets 295
Gary L. Cromwell

Chapter 14 Bioavailability of Amino Acids, Lipids, and Carbohydrates in Feedstuffs 317
Dong Y. Kil, Sarah K. Cervantes-Pahm, and Hans H. Stein

Chapter 15 Bioavailability of Minerals and Vitamins in Feedstuffs 341
David H. Baker and Hans H. Stein

Chapter 16 Swine Nutrition and Environment 365
Ming Z. Fan

Chapter 17 Swine Nutrition and Pork Quality 413
Jason K. Apple

Chapter 18 Feeding Growing and Breeding Swine 439
Lee J. Johnston, Mark H. Whitney, Samuel K. Baidoo,and Joshua A. Jendza

Index 465