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Symbolic Analysis Techniques: Applications to Analog Design Automation

Symbolic Analysis Techniques: Applications to Analog Design Automation


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This timely, self-contained volume gathers information disseminated from journals, workshops, and conference proceedings to present the most recent and most important applications of symbolic analysis to analog circuit design. It features an in-depth tutorial introduction to the techniques and algorithms underlying modern symbolic analyzers, and includes exhaustive references at the end of each section.



Symbolic Analysis Techniques: A Review.

Symbolic Analysis of Sampled-Data Systems.

Symbolic Analysis of Switched Analog Circuits.

Hierarchical Symbolic Analysis of Large Analog Circuits.

Symbolic Formula Approximation.

Symbolic Analysis of Weakly Nonlinear Analog Integrated Circuits.

Structural Synthesis and Optimization of Analog Circuits.

Automated Analog Design Using Compiled Symbolic Models.

Symbolic Signal Flow Graph Methods in Switched-Capacitor Design.

Symbolic Methods in Semiconductor Parameter Extraction.

Statistical Delay Characterization of CMOS Digital Combinational Circuits.

Analog Testability and Fault Diagnosis Using Symbolic Analysis.


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