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Symbolic Interactionism and Cultural Studies: The Politics of Interpretation

Symbolic Interactionism and Cultural Studies: The Politics of Interpretation

Norman K. Denzin

ISBN: 978-0-470-69841-9

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

240 pages



Symbolic interactionism is one of the most enduring - and certainly the most sociological - of all social psychologies. In this landmark work, Norman K. Denzin traces its tortured history from its roots in American pragmatism to its present-day encounter with poststructuralism and postmodernism.

Arguing that if interactionism is to continue to thrive and grow it must incorporate elements of post structural and post-modern theory into its underlying views of history, culture and politics, the author develops a research agenda which merges the interactionist sociological imagination with the critical insights on contemporary feminism and cultural studies.

Norman Denzin's programmatic analysis of symbolic interactionism, which develops a politics of interpretation merging theory and practice, will be welcomed by students and scholars in a wide range of disciplines, from sociology to cultural studies.

Series Editor's Preface.


1. The Interactionist Heritage.

2. The Interpretive Heritage.

3. Critique and Renewal: Links to Cultural Studies.

4. Enter Cultural Studies.

5. Communications as the Interactionist Problematic.

6. Interactionist Cultural Criticism.

7. Into Politics.



"In this book, Denzin has saved a place for and makes reference to virtually every sociologist working under the rubric of SI today." Joseph A. Kotarba
  • This is the first complete history of symbolic interactionism
  • Presents a landmark case for the contemporary relevance of interactionism.