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Synthesis of Fused Heterocycles, Volume 47

Synthesis of Fused Heterocycles, Volume 47

Gwynn P. Ellis (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-18730-2

Jan 2008

660 pages


This book classifies methods of synthesizing a heterocyclic ring which is fused to another ring. Classification is based on the functional group or groups present in the substrate, each chapter being devoted to the reactions of a particular pair of groups. The groups are arranged alphabetically so that they can be found easily. The book enables the reader to locate references (over 2000 are included) to the conversion of a wide variety of functional groups into heterocyclic rings of five to eight atoms. Each cyclization is shown as an equation which contains concise details or reagents, conditions, and yields. Since the classification of each cyclization is based on the functional groups involved, locating the relevant reference is independent of the identity of the ring in the substrate. This simplifies the search for the relevant reference.
Partial table of contents:

Acetal or Aldehyde and Amine.

Acetal and Ring-carbon or Ring-nitrogen.

Acylamine and Aldehyde or Ketone.

Acylamine and Amine.

Acylamine or Carbamate and Carboxamide or Nitrile.

Acylamine and Carboxylic Acid or Ester.

Acylamine or Amine and Ether or Thioether.

Acylamine, Acylhydrazine or Amine and Halogen.

Acylamine or Amine and Hydroxy or Thiol.

Acylamine, Amine or Diazonium Salt and Lactam Carbonyl.

Acylamine or Amine and Methylene.

Acylamine or Amine and Nitrile.

Acylamine, Acylhydrazine, Amine or Carbamate and Nitro.

Acylamine or Amine and Nitroso or N-Oxide.

Acylamine, Acyloxy, Amine or Hydroxy and Phosphorane.

Acylamine or Acylhydrazine and Ring-carbon or Ring-sulphur.

Acylamine or Acylhydrazine and Ring-nitrogen.

Acylamine or Amine and Sulphonamide, Thioreide or Ureide.

Acylamine or Amine and Thiocyanate.

Acyl Halide and Ring-carbon or Ring-nitrogen.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Alkene or Alkyne.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Azide.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Carbamate.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Carboxamide or Hydrzide.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Carboxylic Ester.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Ether or Thioether.

Aldehyde or Ketone and Halogen.


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