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Synthetic Fluorine Chemistry

Synthetic Fluorine Chemistry


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Leading investigators in their fields present a broad perspective of recent major research trends in synthetic fluorine chemistry. Coverage includes: various aspects of organic and inorganic fluorine chemistry, fluorination methods, organometallic fluorine chemistry and its use in synthesis, the synthesis of perfluoropolyethers (an extraordinary class of new fluorinated compounds) and much more.
Partial table of contents:

Lewis Acid Properties of Fluorinated Noble Gas Cations (G. Schrobilgen).

Controlled Replacement of Fluorine by Oxygen in Fluorides and Oxyfluorides (K. Christe, et al.).

Transition Metal Derivatives of Strong Protonic Acids and Superacids (F. Aubke, et al.).

Fluorine Stabilized Carbon-Sulfur Multiple Bonding (K. Seppelt).

A New Synthetic Procedure for the Preparation and Manufacture of Perfluoropolyethers (R. Lagow, et al.).

Universal Synthesis of Perfluorinated Organic Compounds (J. Adcock).

Electrophilic Fluorination Reactions with F2 and Some Reagents Directly Derived from It (S. Rozen).

Fluorination with Onium Poly(Hydrogen Fluorides): The Taming of Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride for Synthesis (G. Olah & X. Li).