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Synthetic Metal-Containing Polymers



Synthetic Metal-Containing Polymers

Ian Manners

ISBN: 978-3-527-29463-3 April 2004 288 Pages


The development of the field of synthetic metal-containing polymers - where metal atoms form an integral part of the main chain or side group structure of a polymer - aims to create new materials which combine the processability of organic polymers with the physical or chemical characteristics associated with the metallic element or complex. This book covers the major developments in the synthesis, properties, and applications of synthetic metal-containing macromolecules, and includes chapters on the preparation and characterization of metal-containing polymers, metallocene-based polymers, rigid-rod organometallic polymers, coordination polymers, polymers containing main group metals, and also covers dendritic and supramolecular systems. The book describes both polymeric materials with metals in the main chain or side group structure and covers the literature up to the end of 2002.
Side-Chain Metal Containing Polymers
Main-Chain Poly(-metallocenes) and other Main Chain Metallopolymers
Rigid-Rod Organometallic Polymers
Coordination Polymers
Polymers Containing Main Group Metals
Dendritic Systems
"For any worker in this field, Manners' Synthet Metal-Containing Polymers will be indispensable and for anyone interested in the area it will serve as an outstanding resource."
Advanced Materials

"This informative text by Ian Manners is an important offering to the interdisciplinary metallopolymer field both for experts and newcomers both an invitation and a thorough introduction to the metallopolymer field. One cannot help but thank Ian Manners for sharing the fruits of his efforts with this impressive volume and helping to forge the way."
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics