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Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers

Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers

Martin E. Rogers (Editor), Timothy E. Long (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-38769-5 May 2003 605 Pages


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Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers provides a concise source of information on synthetic techniques, purification, and characterization methods for step-growth polymers and also addresses future synthetic trends.

Introduction to Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers (M. Rogers, et al.).

Polyesters (A. Fradet & M. Tessier).

Polyamides (R. Gaymans).

Polyurethanes and Polyureas (J. Dodge).

Polyimides and Other High-Temperature Polymers (B. Sillion, et al.).

Synthesis of Poly(arylene ether)s (S. Wang & J. McGrath).

Chemistry and Properties of Phenolic Resins and Networks (S. Lin-Gibson & J. Riffle).

Nontraditional Step-Growth Polymerization: ADMET (A. Church, et al.).

Nontraditional Step-Growth Polymerization: Transition Metal Coupling (Q. Hu).

Depolymerization and Recycling (M. Polk).

"This excellent book is a vary valuable source of information...strongly recommended..." (Polymer News)

"...Mainstream polymer chemists should acquire a personal copy for their bookshelves and all serious scientific libraries otherwise." (Journal of Reactive & Functional Polymers)

"...outstanding new polymer chemistry ideal resource for students of polymers...highly recommended." (Choice, Vol. 41, No. 3, November 2003)

"This book definitely fills a need for practicing polymer chemists and is the kind of reference that they should have at their desk....also a useful textbook..."
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Vol. 125, No. 44, 2003