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System of Systems Engineering: Innovations for the 21st Century

System of Systems Engineering: Innovations for the 21st Century

Mohammad Jamshidi (Editor), Andrew P. Sage (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-21073-4

Sep 2011

616 pages



Discover the emerging science and engineering of System of Systems

Many challenges of the twenty-first century, such as fossil fuel energy resources, require a new approach. The emergence of System of Systems (SoS) and System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) presents engineers and professionals with the potential for solving many of the challenges facing our world today. This groundbreaking book brings together the viewpoints of key global players in the field to not only define these challenges, but to provide possible solutions.

Each chapter has been contributed by an international expert, and topics covered include modeling, simulation, architecture, the emergence of SoS and SoSE, net-centricity, standards, management, and optimization, with various applications to defense, transportation, energy, the environment, healthcare, service industry, aerospace, robotics, infrastructure, and information technology.

The book has been complemented with several case studies—Space Exploration, Future Energy Resources, Commercial Airlines Maintenance, Manufacturing Sector, Service Sector, Intelligent Transportation, Future Combat Missions, Global Earth Observation System of Systems project, and many more—to give readers an understanding of the real-world applications of this relatively new technology. System of Systems Engineering is an indispensable resource for aerospace and defense engineers and professionals in related fields.

Preface ix

About the Editor xi

Contributors xiii

1. Introduction to System of Systems 1
Mo Jamshidi

2. An Open Systems Approach to System of Systems Engineering 21
Cyrus Azani

3. Engineering of a System of Systems 44
Gary D. Wells and Andrew P. Sage

4. System of Systems Architecting 77
Cihan H. Dagli and Nil Kilicay-Ergin

5. Modeling and Simulation for Systems of Systems Engineering 101
Saurabh Mittal, Bernard P. Zeigler, Jose L. Risco Martın, Ferat Sahin, and Mo Jamshidi

6. Net Centricity and System of Systems 150
Robert J. Cloutier, Michael J. DiMario, and Hans W. Polzer

7. Emergence in System of Systems 169
Charles B. Keating

8. System of Systems Management 191
Brian Sauser, John Boardman, and Alex Gorod

9. Systems Engineering for Department of Defense Systems of Systems 218
Judith S. Dahmann

10. Boeing's SoSE Approach to e-Enabling Commercial Airlines 232
George F. Wilber

11. System of Systems Perspectives on Infrastructures 257
Wil A.H. Thissen and Paulien M. Herder

12. Advances in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Case Study in System of Systems Perspective 275
Prasanna Sridhar, Asad M. Madni, and Mo Jamshidi

13. A System of Systems View of Services 293
James M. Tien

14. System of Systems Engineering in Space Exploration 317
Steven D. Jolly and Brian K. Muirhead

15. Communication and Navigation Networks in Space System of Systems 348
Kul B. Bhasin and Jeffrey L. Hayden

16. Operation and Control of Electrical Power Systems 385
Petr Korba and Ian A. Hiskens

17. Future Transportation Fuel System of Systems 409
Michael Duffy, Bobi Garrett, Cynthia Riley, and Debra Sandor

18. Sustainable Environmental Management from a System of Systems Engineering Perspective 443
Keith W. Hipel, Amer Obeidi, Liping Fang, and D. Marc Kilgour

19. Robotic Swarms as System of Systems 482
Ferat Sahin

20. Understanding Transportation as a System of Systems Problem 520
Daniel A. DeLaurentis

21. Health Care System of Systems 542
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Suresh Chalasani, Rajendra V. Boppana, and Asad M. Madni

22. System of Systems Engineering of GEOSS 551
Ryosuke Shibasaki and Jay S. Pearlman

Author Index 573

Subject Index 576