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Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Toolkit

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Toolkit

Rafael Perera

ISBN: 978-1-405-19328-3

Jun 2020, BMJ Books

96 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This user-friendly pocket reference helps health care professionals understand Systematic Reviews or prepare to conduct them. For use in clinical practice, in training, or by policy makers, the book uses flow charts, screen shots when appropriate, and real-life examples to explore and explain the methods and meaning of Systematic Reviews.
• Information overload and keeping up-to-date.

• Using and accessing Cochrane.

• Finding and asking the right question.

• Writing a protocol.

• Identifying relevant studies and using filters.

• Assessing study quality and scoring systems.

• Summarizing the evidence.

• Meta-analysis including Forest Plots, Funnel plots and heterogeneity.

• The Appraisal of Systematic Reviews.

• Subgroup and Sensitivity analysis.

• Practical tips on setting up and running a systematic review.

• Limitations of systematic reviews.

• Individual patient data as an addition to SRs.

• Systematic Review of Diagnostic Studies