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Systematic Reviews in Health Research, 3rd Edition

Systematic Reviews in Health Research, 3rd Edition

Matthias Egger (Editor), Douglas Altman (Editor), George Davey-Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-09938-3

Apr 2020, BMJ Books

200 pages

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This book has become the standard text on the use of systematic reviews in health research. It is recommended reading for anyone undertaking systematic reviews or needing to understand the principles and methodology used in research papers. It goes beyond explanation, to provide debate on key issues in systematic reviewing.

Written by leading, internationally respected researchers, this is a reference for the informed reviewer but also a valuable resource for those coming to the field for the first time. It is both comprehensive and stimulating – a classic text in its own right.

Table of Contents.



General principles of systematic reviews.

1. Rationale, potentials, and promise of systematic reviews.

2. Principles of and procedures for systematic reviews.

3. Problems and limitations in conducting systematic reviews.

4. Going beyond the grand mean: subgroup analysis in meta-analysis.

5. Why and how sources of heterogeneity should be investigated.

6. Investigating and dealing with publication and other biases.

7. Obtaining individual participant data.

Systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials.

8. Identifying randomised trials.

9. Systematic reviews of randomised trials - general issues.

10. Systematic reviews of randomised trials – extensions.

11. Assessing the quality of randomised controlled trials.

Systematic reviews of other types of study.

12. Systematic reviews of observational studies.

13. Systematic reviews of evaluations of prognostic variables.

14. Systematic reviews of evaluations of diagnostic and screening tests studies.

15. Systematic reviews of genetic epidemiology studies.

Statistical methods and computer software.

16. Statistical methods for examining heterogeneity and combining results from.

several studies in meta-analysis.

17. Effect measures for meta-analysis of trials with binary outcomes.

18. Meta-analysis software.

19. Meta-analysis in StataTM.

Large-scale initiatives.

20. The Cochrane Collaboration.

21. The Campbell Collaboration.

22. HUGE.

Using systematic reviews.

23. Using systematic reviews.

Improving and developing systematic reviews.

24. The importance of complete and accurate reporting of research:.


25. Reporting systematic reviews – the revised QUOROM Statement.

26. Updating systematic reviews.

27. The importance of improving access to research – registration, protocols, and data