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Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition

Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition

Alexander Kossiakoff, William N. Sweet, Samuel J. Seymour, Steven M. Biemer

ISBN: 978-1-119-09504-0

Jan 2015

560 pages



The Bestselling Guide to the Engineering of Complex Systems, Now Thoroughly Updated

The first edition of this unique interdisciplinary guide has become the foundational systems engineering textbook for colleges and universities worldwide. It has helped countless readers learn to think like systems engineers, giving them the knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities they need to be successful professionals. Now, colleagues of the original authors have upgraded and expanded the book to address the significant advances in this rapidly changing field.

An outgrowth of the Johns Hopkins University Master of Science Program in Engineering, Systems Engineering: Principles and Practice provides an educationally sound, entry-level approach to the subject, describing tools and techniques essential for the development of complex systems. Exhaustively classroom tested, the text continues the tradition of utilizing models to assist in grasping abstract concepts, emphasizing application and practice. This Second Edition features:

  • Expanded topics on advanced systems engineering concepts beyond the traditional systems engineering areas and the post-development stage

  • Updated DOD and commercial standards, architectures, and processes

  • New models and frameworks for traditional structured analysis and object-oriented analysis techniques

  • Improved discussions on requirements, systems management, functional analysis, analysis of alternatives, decision making and support, and operational analysis

  • Supplemental material on the concept of the system boundary

  • Modern software engineering techniques, principles, and concepts

  • Further exploration of the system engineer's career to guide prospective professionals

  • Updated problems and references

The Second Edition continues to serve as a graduate-level textbook for courses introducing the field and practice of systems engineering. This very readable book is also an excellent resource for engineers, scientists, and project managers involved with systems engineering, as well as a useful textbook for short courses offered through industry seminars.

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List of Illustrations.

List of Tables.

Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.

Part I Foundations of System Engineering.

1 Systems Engineering and the World of Modern Systems.

2 Systems Engineering Landscape.

3 Structure of Complex Systems.

4 The System Development Process.

5 Systems Engineering Management.

Part II Concept Development Stage.

6 Needs Analysis.

7 Concept Exploration.

8 Concept Definition.

9 Decision Analysis and Support.

Part III Engineering Development Stage.

10 Advanced Development.

11 Software Systems Engineering.

12 Engineering Design.

13 Integration and Evaluation.

Part IV Postevelopment Stage.

14 Production.

15 Operation and Support.


For this new edition, colleagues of the original authors have upgraded and expanded the book to maintain relevance and currency in this rapidly changing interdisciplinary field, continuing to fill the needs of systems engineering courses and enhancing the book’s usefulness as a resource for practicing engineers.
"Aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, this textbook is intended as an introduction to the developmetn and acquisition of complex technical systems ... The second edition is intended to offer expansion, integration and clarification to maintain relevance and currency." (Times Higher Education Supplement {Texbook Guide}, 3 November 2011)

"The book is very readable and gives a particularly good grounding in the subject of systems engineering. It is therefore a valuable volume for any electronics engineering student, practising engineer, or as a reference for a company designing any form of equipment needing a systems engineering approach." (, 1 October 2011)


  • Topics will be expanded to include advanced Systems Engineering concepts that go beyond the traditional systems engineering areas
  • Will included updated DOD and commercial standards, architectures and processes
  • New sections that include object oriented design and systems architecting
  • Improved discussions on requirements, systems management, functional analysis, analysis of alternatives, decision support, operational analysis and many others
  • Expanded discussions on the Post-Development stage
  • Updated Problems and References