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Systems Engineering of Software-Enabled Systems




Systems Engineering of Software-Enabled Systems

Richard E. Fairley

ISBN: 978-1-119-53501-0 July 2019 Wiley-IEEE Press 460 Pages


This book presents methods and techniques that can improve the linkages between systems engineering and software engineering. The text is in three parts. Part 1 includes three chapters: Chapter 1 provides an introduction to systems engineering and software engineering; Chapter 2 presents the issues caused by the differences between systems engineering and software engineering development processes and offers opportunities for improvement; Chapter 3 presents the traditional approaches used by systems engineers and software engineers and the differences. Part 2 presents an approach to developing cyber-physical systems that integrates the incremental approach used by systems engineers and the iterative approach used by software engineers. The approach is based on developing system capabilities that will provide the features, behaviors, and quality attributes needed by stakeholders, based on model-based system architecture. Part 3 covers the management activities a systems engineer or software engineer must engage in to manage and lead the technical work to be done. Planning and estimating, measuring and controlling, managing risk, and organizing and leading systems engineering teams are covered. 


Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 Systems Engineering and Software Engineering

Chapter 3 Issues and opportunities for improvements

Chapter 4 Traditional process models for system development

Chapter 5 The integrated iterative-incremental system development model

Chapter 6 The I3 Systems Definition Phase

Chapter 7 System Requirements Definition

Chapter 8 Architecture Definition and Design Definition

Chapter 9 System implementation and delivery

Chapter 10 Planning and estimating the technical work

Chapter 11 Assessing, Analyzing, and Controlling Technical Work

Chapter 12 Organizing, Leading, and Coordinating

Appendix A

Appendix B