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Systems Engineering with SDL: Developing Performance-Critical Communication Systems



Systems Engineering with SDL: Developing Performance-Critical Communication Systems

Andreas Mitschele-Thiel

ISBN: 978-0-471-49875-9 February 2001 380 Pages


SDL (Specification and Description Language) is a modern, high-level programming language intended for the description of complex, event-driven, real-time and communicating systems. SDL was originally designed to describe performance-critical, real-time systems with precision and accuracy, and, if used correctly, it can significantly enhance the performance of system designs.

This text is unique in the integration between performance and design issues, describing the specific problems encountered when specifying, designing and implementing communication systems with SDL, and offers experience-based advice and solutions. Other topics covered include

* Navigating through complex design processes

* Strategies for deriving efficient implementations from SDL descriptions

* The latest version of SDL, SDL-2000

Systems Engineering with SDL also includes a CD-ROM containing a demonstration version of Telelogic's SDL design suite 'Tau' - the market leading SDL design tool which further reinforces the comprehensive integration between theory and practice.

Written by a former system architect at Alcatel who currently serves on the ITU standards body for SDL, responsible for the development of performance and time aspects of the standard, this valuable reference resource is principally of use to practitioners using SDL to develop communicating systems, communication protocols, distributed systems, embedded systems, especially systems architects, development engineers and tool builders making strategic design decisions. However, the comprehensive coverage and concise and practical style make this text also applicable to students on graduate level courses on protocol engineering, communication systems engineering and distributed systems.


Integration of Performance Aspects in the Development Process.

Design and Implementation of Communicating Systems.
System Development with SDL.
Implementing SDL.
Performance Engineering in the Context of SDL.
Final Remarks.

"This practical guide to the design and implementation of communications systems and distributed applications aims to nip... [performance problems which lead to project failure] the bud." (SciTech Book News Vol. 25, No. 2 June 2001)