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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Andrew P. Sage

ISBN: 978-0-471-53639-0

Aug 1992

624 pages

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Addresses some fundamental considerations associated with the engineering of large scale systems. The first part deals with systems methodology, design and management including a detailed examination of operational and task level system quality assurance through configuration management, audits and reviews, standards and systems integration. The second part discusses a variety of systems design and management approaches, particularly those concerned with system effectiveness evaluation and the human role in systems.
Systems Engineering Processes and Life Cycles.

Systems Management.

Operational and Task Level System Quality Assurance Through Configuration Management, Audits and Reviews, Standards, and Systems Integration.

Strategic Quality Assurance and Management.

Information Requirements, Risk Management, and Associated Systems Engineering Methods.

Decision Assessment.

Microeconomic Systems and Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis.

Cognitive Ergonomics.