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TMS 2016 Supplemental Proceedings: 145th Annual Meeting and Exhibition



TMS 2016 Supplemental Proceedings: 145th Annual Meeting and Exhibition

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

ISBN: 978-1-119-22583-6 February 2016 820 Pages


The TMS 2016 Annual Meeting Supplemental Proceedings is a collection of papers from the TMS 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, held February 14-18 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The papers in this volume represent 21 symposia from the meeting. This volume, along with the other proceedings volumes published for the meeting, and archival journals, such as Metallurgical and Materials Transactions and Journal of Electronic Materials, represents the available written record of the 67 symposia held at TMS2016. This proceedings volume contains both edited and unedited papers; the unedited papers have not necessarily been reviewed by the symposium organizers and are presented “as is.” The opinions and statements expressed within the papers are those of the individual authors only, and no confirmations or endorsements are intended or implied.

Additive Forming of Components – Tailoring Specific Material Properties in Low Volume Production

Anisotropic Mechanical Properties in a Big-Sized Ti-6Al-4V Plate Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting 5
Pan Wang, Mui Ling Sharon Nai, Xipeng Tan, Wai Jack Sin, Shu Beng Tor, and Jun Wei

Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Direct Metal Laser Sintered 15-5 PH1 Stainless Steel Powders and Components 13
Jing Zhang, Yi Zhang, Xingye Guo, Weng Hoh Lee, Bin Hu, Zhe Lu, Yeon-Gil Jung, and Je-Hyun Lee

Materials Research in Reduced Gravity

Effect of Thermal Drift on the Initial Transient Behavior in Directional Solidification of a Bulk Transparent Model Alloy 23
F.L. Mota, N. Bergeon, D. Tourret, A. Karma, R. Trivedi, and B. Billia

Rapid Quench in an Electrostatic Levitator 31
Michael P. SanSoucie, Jan R. Rogers, and Douglas M. Matson

Simulation of Shrinkage-Induced Macrosegregation in a Multicomponent Alloy during Reduced-Gravity Solidification 35
Ali Saad, Charles-Andre Gandin, Michel Bellet, Thomas Volkmann, and Dieter Herlach

In Situ Investigation of the Effects of Gravity Level Variations on the Directional Solidification Microstructures during Parabolic Flights 43
L. Abou-Khalil , G. Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G. Reinhart, C. Pickmann, G. Zimmermann, Y. Houltz, J. Li, O. Janson, and H. Nguyen-Thi

Microstructural Evolution in Undercooled Al–8wt%Fe Melts 51
J. Valloton, A.A. Bogno, J. Chen, R. Lengsdorf, H. Henein, D.M. Herlach, U. Dahlborg, and M. Calvo-Dahlborg

Metal and Polymer Matrix Composites II

Degradation Study of High Melt Strength Polypropylene/Clay Nanocomposites in Environmental and Accelerated Conditions 61
Luiz Gustavo Hiroki Komatsu, Duclerc Fernandes Parra, Washington Luiz Oliani, Ademar Benevolo Lugao, and Vijaya Kumar Rangari

Nanotube Sheet - Graphite Hybrid Nanocomposite for Damage Detection 69
Jiukun Li and Sirish Namilae

Effect of Nano-Particle Addition on Grain Structure Evolution of Friction Stir Processed Al 6061 during Post-Weld Annealing 77
Guo Junfeng, Lee Bing Yang, Du Zhenglin, Bi Guijun, Tan Ming Jen, and Wei Jun

Enhanced Ductility with Significant Increase in Strength of As-Cast CNTs/AZ91D Nanocomposites 85
Rongyu Feng, Lin Zhu, and Wenzhen Li

The Synthesis and Processing Self-Healing Structural Al/Mg Lamellar Composite Materials 93
Yasser Fouad and Bakr Mohamed Rabeeh

Filler Surface Nature, Bead, Solution Viscosity and Fibre Diameter of Electrospun Particle-Reinforced Polylactide 101
S.O. Adeosun, E.I. Akpan, O.P. Gbenebor, A.A. Peter, and S.A. Olaleye

Evaluation of Intermetallic Reaction Layer Formation within Steel Encapsulated Metal Matrix Composites 109
Sean Fudger, Eric Klier, Prashant Karandikar, and Chaoying Ni

Effect of Load and Grit Size on High Stress Abrasive Wear of Al-Mg-Si Hybrid Composites 119
N.Ch. Kaushik and R. Narasimha Rao

The Corrosion of 30% Mo-ZrO Cermet in Molten Slag of CaO-MgOMgO-Al O 127
Xiaopeng Li, Ziming Wang, Yang Yang, Yanling Guo, Jieyu Zhang, and Wende Dan

Study on Mechanical Property of Porous Titanium by Adding Powder Carbon 135
Guibao Qiu, Hao Cui, Tengfei Lu, Yilong Liao, and Yang Yang

Fabrication of Gamma-Irradiated Polypropylene and AgNPs Nanocomposite Films and Their Antimicrobial Activity 143
Isabelle Oliveira Berenguer, Washington Luiz Oliani, Duclerc Fernandes Parra, Luiz Gustavo Hiroki Komatsu, Vinicius Juvino dos Santos, Nilton Lincopan, Ademar Benevolo Lugao, and Vijaya Kumar Rangari

Natural Aging Effects in HMS-Polypropylene Synthesized by Gamma Radiation in Acetylene Atmosphere 151
Washington Luiz Oliani, Luiz Gustavo Hiroki Komatsu, Ademar Benevolo Lugao, Vijaya Kumar Rangari, and Duclerc Fernandes Parra

Superaligned Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Copper Nanocomposites with Enhanced Strength and Electrical Conductivity 159
Jing Shuai, Yu Jin, Lin Zhu, and Wenzhen Li

Unedited Proceedings

Additive Manufacturing: Building the Pathway towards Process and Material Qualification

Selective Laser Melting of TiB /H13 Steel Bulk Nanocomposites: Influence of Nanoscale Reinforcment 171
B. Almangour, Dariusz Grzesiak, and J.M. Yang

In-Space Manufacturing Baseline Property Development 177
Tom Stockman, Judith Schneider, Tracie Prater, Quincy Bean, and Nicki Werkheiser

Using Powder Cored Tubular Wire Technology to Enhance Electron Beam Freeform Fabricated Structures 183
Devon Gonzales, Stephen Liu, Marcia Domack, and Robert Hafley

Microstructure Evolution of Martensitic Stainless Steel in Laser Hot Wire Cladding with Multiple Heating Passes 191
Shaopeng Wei, Gang Wang, Zhenguo Nie, Zilin Huang, and Yiming Rong

Effect of Printing Orientation on Strength of 3D Printed ABS Plastics 199
Linlin Cai, Philip Byrd, Hanyin Zhang, Kate Schlarman, Yi Zhang, Michael Golub, and Jing Zhang

Verification of Numerically Calculated Cooling Rates of Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing 205
H.-W. Mindt, M. Megahed, N.P. Lavery, A. Giordimaina, and S.G.R. Brown

Advanced Materials in Dental and Orthopedic Applications

Beta-Type Titanium Alloys for Use as Rods in Spinal Fixation Devices 215
Mitsuo Niinomi, Masaaki Nakai, Huihong Liu, and Kengo Narita

Effect of MMT Nanoparticle Clay on Flexural Properties of Polymer Based BisGMA/TEGDMA Resin 223
Duclerc Parra, Luiza Campos, Leticia Boaro, Henrique Ferreira, Ademar Lugao, and Vijaya Rangari

Fatigue Performance of New Developed Biomedical Ti-15Mo Alloy with Surface Modified by TiO Nanotubes Formation 231
Nilson T.C. Oliveira, Leonardo C. Campanelli, Carolina C. Bortolan, and Claudemiro Bolfarini

Computational Materials Discovery and Optimization: From 2D to Bulk Materials

First Principles Investigation on TiAl Alloys Substitutively Doped with Si 239
Qing Du, WeiDong Hu, WangJun Peng, GuangXin Wu, WenDe Dan, and JieYu Zhang

Effect of Strain on the Physical Properties of Lanthanum Nickelate 247
D. Misra, T.K. Kundu, and Ankit

Hydrogen-Induced Core Structures Change of Screw and Edge Dislocations in Tungsten 253
Yinan Wang, Chengliang Li, Ben Xu, and Wei Liu

Computational Materials Engineering for Nuclear Reactor Applications

Validation of BISON Calculation of Hydrogen Distribution by Comparison to Experiment 263
Evrard Lacroix and Arthur Motta

Computational Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Model Validation, and

Stochastic Predictions

Effect of K-Point Convergence on Derived Properties for Pure Crystals 275
Thomas C. Allison

Quantifying Model-Form Uncertainty in Molecular Dynamics Simulation 283
Anh V. Tran and Yan Wang

Atomistic Study of Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Cut-Off Distance 293
S. Thamaraikannan and S.C. Pradhan

Bayesian Calibration of a Physical Model for Plastic Flow Behavior of TRIP Steels 301
P. Honarmandi and R. Arroyave

Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Homogeneous Nucleation and Inner Structure Evolution in Nucleus Fe from Classic Molecular Dynamics Simulation 319
Jie Luo, Junjiang Xiao, and Yongquan Wu

Anisotropy of Crystal-Melt Interface of BCC-Fe and FCC-Fe from Molecular Dynamics Simulation 327
Linlin Lv, Yewei Jiang, Yongquan Wu, and Junjiang Xiao

Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Manganese Carbonate in the Process of MnZn Ferrite Preparation 335
Lin Wang, Yan-hong Li, Jin-lin Lu, Wei Xu, and Hui-long Lin

Solid-Liquid Phase Transitions of FCC-Al and HCP-Mg Nanoparticles 343
Yewei Jiang, Linlin Lv, and Yongquan Wu

A Discrete Dislocation Model of Creep in Single Crystals 351
M. Rajaguru and S.M. Keralavarma

Study of the Temperature Effects on Solid-Liquid Anisotropic Interfacial Energy 359
L.K. Wu, C.L. Li, B. Xu, Q.L. Li, and W. Liu

Application of MIVM for Sn-Ag and Sn-In Alloys in Vacuum Distillation 367
Lingxin Kong, Junjie Xu, Baoqiang Xu, Shuai Xu, Bin Yang, Yifu Li, Dachun Liu, and Ruibo Hu

Experiments and Kinetics Modeling for Gasification of Biomass Char and Coal Char under CO and Steam Condition 375
Guang-wei Wang, Jian-liang Zhang, Jiu-gang Shao, and Peng-cheng Zhang

Optimization of Main Factors for Decarbonizing Ratio of TiB Powders by Reverse Flotation Using Response Surface Methodology 383
Xiaoxiao Huang, Shuchen Sun, Shuaidan Lu, Kuanhe Li, Xiaoping Zhu, and Ganfeng Tu

General Poster Session

A Novel Process for Treating with Low Grade Zinc Oxide Ores in Hydrometallurgy 393
Aichun Dou

A Study of Taguchi Method to Optimize 6XXX Series Aluminum Anodic Oxide Film’s Hardness and Investigation of Corrosion Behaviors of Oxide Films 401
B.D. Polat, B. Bilici, P. Af in, C. Akyil, and O. Keles

Anticorrosion Performance of Solanum Aethiopicum on Steel-Reinforcement in Concrete Immersed in Industrial/Microbial Simulating-Environment 409
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi, and Adebanji Samuel Ogbiye

Artificial Neural Network Modeling to Predict Hot Deformation Behavior of Zn-Al Alloy 417
Yingli Liu, Jiancheng Yin, Ying Jiang, and Yi Zhong

Behavior of Tire Derived Pre-Functionalized Carbon Black for Uranium Adsorption 425
Travis Willhard, Dhiman Bhattacharyya, and Mano Misra

Effect of Temperature on the Mechanical Behaviour of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Sheets 433
Girolamo Costanza, Maria Elisa Tata, and Riccardo Libertini

Evaluation of Forged Aluminum Matrix Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Fabricated by Composite Gas Generator (CGG) Process 441
Youngsek Yang, Myeonghak Kang, and Geunwoo Lee

Gamma and Neutron Shielding Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered Boron Carbide-Tungsten Based Composites 449
Salih Cagri Ozer, Bulent Buyuk, A. Beril Tugrul, Servet Turan, Onuralp Yucel, Gultekin Goller, and Filiz Cinar Sahin

Image Analysis Investigating Porous Structures of Carbon Cathodes Materials and Melts Penetration 457
Xiang Li, Jilai Xue, Jun Zhu, and Shihao Song

Inhibition of Stainless Steel Corrosion in 0.5 M H SO in the Presence of C H NH 465
Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Emmanuel Izuchukwu Obi, Oluwatobi Oluwasegun Sonoiki, Segun Isaac Oladipupo, and Timi Moses Oshin

Micro-Truncated Cone Arrays for Light Extraction of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes 473
Wei-Chu Sun, Ben Hsu, and Mao-Kuo Wei

Mould Filling Ability Characterisation of SIMA Produced 6063 Alloy 481
Omer Vardar, Izzettin Ergun, Ca lar Yuksel, Eray Erzi, and Derya Dispinar

One-Step Preparation of TiB -C Composite by DC Arc Furnace 487
Kuanhe Li, Shuchen Sun, Xiaoxiao Huang, Shuaidan Lu, Xiaoping Zhu, and Ganfeng Tu

Si and SiCu Three Dimensional Sculptured Films as Negative Electrodes for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries 493
B. Deniz Polat and Ozgul Keles

Thickness Effect on the Three-Dimensional Sculptured SiCu Thin Films Used as Negative Electrodes in Lithium Ion Batteries 501
B. Deniz Polat, Ceren Yagsi, and Ozgul Keles

ICME Infrastructure Development for Accelerated Materials Design: Data Repositories, Informatics, and Computational Tools

An Integrated Model for Prediction of Yield Stress in Al-7Si-Mg Cast Alloys 511
Rui Chen, Qingyan Xu, Zhiyuan Xia, Huiting Guo, Qinfang Wu, and Baicheng Liu

Experiences with ICME Information Infrastructures for Applying Materials Models in Sequence to Give Accurate Macroscopic Property Prediction 523
Will Marsden, David Cebon, Steven Arnold, Brett Bednarcyk, Nic Austin, and Igor Terentjev

D2C – Converting and Compressing Discrete Dislocation Microstructure Data 531
D. Steinberger, M. Leimberger, and S. Sandfeld

Material Behavior Characterization via Multi-Directional Deformation of Sheet Metal

Determination of Bending Limit Curves for Aluminum Alloy AA6014-T4: An Experimental Approach 541
Ipsita Madhumita Das, Krishna Kumar Saxena, and Jyoti Mukhopadhyay

135° Clock Rolling: An Approach to Improve the Microstructure and Texture of Tantalum Used for Sputtering Target 549
Haiyang Fan, Shifeng Liu, and Chao Deng

Material Design Approaches and Experiences

Evolution Law of Grain Size of High Alloy Gear Steel in Hot Deformation 561
Hai-yan Tang, Mao-sheng Yang,Wen-jia Meng, and Jing-she Li

Experimental Investigation of the Sm-Rich Side in Sm-Zr System 567
Tian Yin, Shuqiang Zhang, Zhihong Zhang, and Jieyu Zhang

Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors V

Fabrication and Qualification of Small Scale Irradiation Experiments in Support of the Accident Tolerant Fuels Program 575
Connor Woolum, Kip Archibald, Glenn Moore, and Steven Galbraith

Development of Engineering Parameters for Low Pressure Diffusion Bonds of 316 SS Tube-to-Tube Sheet Joints for FHR Heat Exchangers 583
Nils Haneklaus, Rony Reuven, Cristian Cionea, Peter Hosemann, and Per F. Peterson

Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale III

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nanometer Al O /Cu Composite Fabricated by Internal Oxidation 591
Lei Guo, Shuqiang Guo, Shuai Ma, Jie Liu, and Weizhong Ding

Nanostructured Materials for Nuclear Applications

The Roles of Oxide Interfaces and Grain Boundaries in Helium Management in Nano-Structure Ferritic Alloys: A First Principles Study 599
Y. Jiang, L.-T. Yang, J. Xu, G.R. Odette, Y. Wu, T. Yamamoto, Z.-J. Zhou, and Z. Lu

Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution

The Stability of the Moving Boundary in Spherical and Planar Geometries and Its Relation to Nucleation and Growth 609
Rahul Basu

Effect of Pulse Magnetic Field on Isothermal Bainitic Transformation Process in Cr5 Steel 619
Wenming Nan, Daping Zhang, Lijuan Li, Qingchun Li, and Qijie Zhai

Corrosion Effects on Mechanical Properties of Sensitized AA5083-H116 625
Robert J. Mills, Brian Y. Lattimer, and Scott W. Case

The Effect of Initial Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Bi-Lamellar Ti-6Al-4V 633
Yan Chong and Nobuhiro Tsuji

Some Steps towards Modelling of Dislocation Assisted Rafting: A Coupled 2D Phase Field – Continuum Dislocation Dynamics Approach 641
Ronghai Wu and Stefan Sandfeld

Effect of Heating Types on the Undercooled Solidification Microstructure of Co Sn Eutectic Alloy 649
Tong Guo, Jun Wang, Xiaoxing Qiu, HongChao Kou, and Jinshan Li

Mechanical Properties of 5000 Series Aluminum Alloys Following Fire Exposure 657
Jillian C. Free, Patrick T. Summers, Brian Y. Lattimer, and Scott W. Case

Effect of Concurrent Microstructure Evolution and Hydrogen Level on Flow Behavior of Near Alpha Ti-Alloy 665
Jagadeesh Babu, B.P. Kashyap, N. Prabhu, R. Kapoor, R.N. Singh, Bhupendra K. Kumawat, and J.K. Chakravartty

Using Temporary Hydride Formation in Metastable Beta Titanium Alloys to Improve the Microstructure 673
Hans-Jurgen Christ and Vitali Macin

Numerical Simulation of Solidification Microstructure with Active Fiber Cooling for Making Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites 685
Zhiliang Yang, Bo Wang, Shupei Liu, Jie Ma, Wanping Pan, Shuai Feng, Liang Bai, and Jieyu Zhang

Assessment of Tribological Properties of Cast and Forged Ti-6Al-7Nb and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys for Dental Applications 693
Ahmed Zaki, Shimaa El-Hadad, and Waleed Khalifa

Phase Transformations in Multi-component Systems: An MPMD Symposium Honoring Gary R. Purdy

Solid State Reaction of Nd Fe B and Carbon 703
Jie Liu, Shuqiang Guo, Yuyang Bian, Lei Guo, Lan Jiang, Man Zhang, Shuai Ma, and Weizhong Ding

Powder Metallurgy of Light Metals

Production of Titanium Hydride Powder by Leaching of Aluminum and Silicon Impurities from Reduced Upgraded Titania Slag for Low Cost Titanium Production 713
Syamantak Roy, Jaehun Cho, Nathan J. Hamilton, Amarchand Sathyapalan, Michael L. Free, and Zhigang Zak Fang

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of PM Ti-Si N Discontinuous Fibre Composite 721
Troy Dougherty, Ying Xu, and Ainaa Hanizan

Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties Investigation of Friction Stir Welded AlMg5-Al O Nanocomposites 729
N. Kishore Babu, Kaspar Kallip, Marc Leparoux, Khaled A. AlOgab, G.M. Reddy, and M.K. Talari

Titanium Foam for Cancellous Bone Implant Prepared by Space Holder Technique 737
Xiao Jian, Cui Hao, Qiu Guibao, and Yang Yang

Recent Developments in Biological, Structural and Functional Thin Films and Coatings

Thin Films and Coatings for Absorptive Removal of Antimicrobials, Antibiotics, and Other Pharmaceuticals 747
David Cocke, Andrew Gomes, Saiful Islam, and Gary Beall

Effect of Post-Heat Treatment on the Electrochemical Performance of Sandwich Structured Cu/Sn/Cu Electrode 755
B. Bilici, B.D. Polat, and O. Keles

Role of Membrane Properties on Charge Transport across Conjugated Oligoelectrolyte Modified Phospholipid Bilayers 763
Justin P. Jahnke, Guillermo C. Bazan, and James J. Sumner

The Investigation on the Intermetallic Layer of Hot Dipping Al-10Si Alloy with 22MnB5 and DC51 Substrate 771
Weidong Hu, Wende Dan, Wangjun Peng, Guangxin Wu, Qing Du, and Jieyu Zhang

The Wetting Behavior of Fe-Si and Fe-Mn Alloy with Al-10%Si Coating 779
Wende Dan, Guangxin Wu, Bo Zhang, Qing Du, Wangjun Peng, Weidong Hu, and Jieyu Zhang

Refractory Metals 2016

Improving the Performance of Nb-Silicide Based Refractory Alloys Through a Novel Cold Crucible Directional Solidification 789
Hongsheng Ding, Kun He, Shiqiu Liu, Yongwang Kang, and Jingjie Guo

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