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Tactics of Organic Synthesis



Tactics of Organic Synthesis

Tse-Lok Ho

ISBN: 978-0-471-59896-1 June 1994 464 Pages


This reference emphasizes the tactical considerations needed to optimize synthetic results in the laboratory--an area most books neglect. Bringing together information that currently lies scattered throughout the literature, it approaches synthesis from a modern point of view. Ho presents both the general aspects of molecular assembly and important new reactions and reaction combinations. Includes over 500 flowcharts and illustrations that clearly demonstrate the subjects discussed.
Convergency and Reiterative Processes.

Activity Modulation, Group Protection, and LatentFunctionalities.


Tandem Reactions.

Cyclic Arrays for Structural and StereochemicalManipulations.

Intramolecularization and Neighboring Group Participations.

Template and Chelation Effects.

Symmetry Considerations.

Miscellaneous Tactics.