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Teach Your Children Tables, 2nd Edition



Teach Your Children Tables, 2nd Edition

Bill Handley

ISBN: 978-1-742-16886-9 February 2012 Wrightbooks 400 Pages


Bill Handley is well known for making maths fun! The first edition of Teach Your Children Tables challenged over 20000 readers -- and Bill has been inundated with letters of thanks since from parents whose children have quickly become proficient in maths and problem solving. This not only pleases their teachers but does wonders for a child's self-esteem. In this new, fully revised edition, rewritten for clearer understanding, Bill expands the sections on explaining multiplication to young children, on problem solving, and the correlation between the multiplication method and subtraction.
Preface v

Introduction vii

1 Teach your child tables 1

2 Multiplication — part one 7

3 Using a reference number 15

4 Multiplying numbers above and below the reference number 23

5 Checking your answers 31

6 Multiplication — part two 41

7 Mathematical short cuts 57

8 Multiplying using two reference numbers 67

9 Direct multiplication 81

10 Alphametics — fun with numbers 93

11 Factors that determine intelligence 101

12 Helping your child develop intelligence 105

13 How to use this book 121

Afterword 125

Appendix A — solutions to alphametic problems in chapter 10 129

Appendix B — solutions to puzzles in chapter 12 141

Appendix C — practice sheets 153

Index 159