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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Guitar, 2nd Edition

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Guitar, 2nd Edition

Charles Kim

ISBN: 978-1-118-20627-0 March 2012 272 Pages




Everything beginners need to know to start playing guitar

Do you learn faster by seeing and doing than by wading through tedious instructions? Then pick up a guitar and start strumming! Teach Yourself VISUALLY Guitar shows you the basics—step by step and note by note. You begin with basic chords and techniques and progress through suspensions, bass runs, hammer-ons, and barre chords. As you learn to read tablature and lead sheets, you can play any number of songs and styles of music, from rock to folk to country. The chord chart and scale appendices are ready references for use long after you master the basics.

Plus, this new edition includes an audio CD so you can hear what each note, chord, and technique should sound like, along with a new chapter on reading music.

  • This new edition includes substantial improvements to get readers playing the guitar faster
  • A photo-intensive, step-by-step approach to playing acoustic and electric guitar
  • The bonus CD includes more than 100 audio tracks

Whether you've never picked up a guitar or want to brush up on the basics, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Guitar will get you strumming in no time.

CHAPTER 1 Learning to Play 2

Hit the Ground Running 3

Continue Your Guitar Education 4

Some Final Advice Before You Start 5

CHAPTER 2 Parts of the Guitar 6

Parts of the Acoustic Guitar 7

Parts of the Electric Guitar 8

Headstock and Tuning Pegs 9

Neck 10

Body 12

Bridge 14

Strings 15

Electric Guitar Controls 16

CHAPTER 3 Tuning the Guitar 19

Standard Tuning of Strings 20

Tuning with an Electronic Tuner 21

Relative Tuning 25

CHAPTER 4 Getting into Position 28

Sitting 29

Standing 32

Fretting Hand Position 35

Picking Hand Position 38

CHAPTER 5 Your First Chords and Song 40

How to Read a Chord Chart 41

D Chord 42

A7 Chord 44

G Chord 45

Put These Chords Together in a Song 46

CHAPTER 6 The Rest of the Open Chords 48

A Chords 49

B7 Chord 52

C Chords 53

D Chords 55

E Chords 57

G7 Chord 60

CHAPTER 7 Moving Between Chords 61

Economy of Motion 62

Chord Shifts with Common Fingering 64

Chord Shifts on the Same Fret 65

Chord Shifts on the Same String 66

Move from Chord to Chord without a Common String 67

CHAPTER 8 Strumming and Picking 69

Start with Your Thumb 70

Play with a Pick 72

Fingerpicking 74

CHAPTER 9 Rhythm Guitar 83

The Basics of Tempo 84

4/4 Time 85

3/4 Time 90

CHAPTER 10 Reading Chord Symbols, Tablature, and Lead Sheets 91

Five Common Types of Guitar Chords 92

Read Tablature 97

Play a Song from a Lead Sheet 99

CHAPTER 11 The Capo and Barre Chords 103

Use a Capo 104

Barre Chord Technique 109

Your First Barre Chord: F 111

Related Barre Chords: F7, Fm, and Fm7 114

Moving Up and Down the Neck 116

CHAPTER 12 Arpeggios, Suspensions, and Bass Runs 125

Arpeggios 126

Suspensions 133

Suspension Chord Fingerings 136

Bass Runs 146

CHAPTER 13 Reading Music and Basic Theory 166

Scales 167

The Treble Clef and Ledger Lines 174

Note and Rest Values 175

Time Signatures 177

Accidentals 178

Key Signatures 179

CHAPTER 14 An Introduction to Soloing and Improvisation 184

The Pentatonic Scale 185

Simple Solos 190

CHAPTER 15 Advanced Techniques 201

Slides 202

Pull-Offs and Hammer-Ons 205

Vibrato 213

String Bending 215

Tremolo Bar 217

Harmonics 218

CHAPTER 16 Purchasing and Maintaining Equipment 220

Buy an Acoustic Guitar 221

Buy an Electric Guitar 223

Buy an Amplifier 225

Care for and Maintain Your Strings 226

Restring Your Guitar 227

The Truss Rod 231

Adjust Intonation on an Electric Guitar 232

Humidification and Other Maintenance 233

CHAPTER 17 Electric Guitar Sounds 234

Controls on Your Electric Guitar 235

Controls on Your Amplifier 236

Effect Pedals 238

APPENDIX A Chord Charts 240

Major and Minor Chords 241

E-Shaped Barre Chords 242

A-Shaped Barre Chords 247

APPENDIX B Scales 251

Major Open Scales 252

Major Movable Scales 253

Minor Open Scales 253

Minor Movable Scales 254

Major Pentatonic Open Scales 255

Major Pentatonic Movable Scales 256

Minor Pentatonic Open Scales 256

Minor Pentatonic Movable Scales 257

Blues Scales 258

APPENDIX B Scales 251

Index 259