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Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook, 3rd Edition

Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook, 3rd Edition

Guy Hart-Davis

ISBN: 978-1-119-25269-6

Apr 2016

384 pages


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The visual way to unlock the power of your MacBook

If you're a visual learner who's eager to get up and running on all the MacBook has to offer, this fully illustrated and easy-to-follow guide is for you. Covering all the essential information you need to make the most of your MacBook, this new edition of Teach Yourself Visually MacBook provides you with the most up-to-date information on performing everyday tasks—quickly and easily. From basics such as powering on or shutting down your laptop to more advanced functions like running Windows applications, it provides the help and support you need to confidently use your MacBook to its full potential.

Providing the benefits of a lightweight, incredibly fast mobile computer with a state-of-the-art operating system, lower security risk, and ease of use, it's no wonder more and more people turn to MacBooks. If you're the proud owner of one of these magnificent laptops, Teach Yourself Visually MacBook is here to help you take a bite out of all it has to offer. From working with apps and configuring dashboard widgets to integrating iOS devices, this visual guide empowers you to get the most out of your MacBook's incredible capabilities.

  • Covers new hardware updates and the latest version of OS X
  • Walks you through working on the Mac desktop with Mission Control and Launchpad
  • Explains how to download applications from the Mac App Store
  • Offers guidance on troubleshooting, working with iCloud, FaceTime, and more

From the very first page, you'll discover why Teach Yourself Visually MacBook is the fast and easy way to learn.

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Your MacBook

Understanding the MacBook Models 4

Set Up Your MacBook 8

Start Your MacBook and Log In 12

Explore the OS X Desktop 14

Point and Click with the Trackpad 18

Connect to a Wireless Network 20

Give Commands 22

Open, Close, and Manage Windows 24

Using Notifications 26

Put Your MacBook to Sleep and Wake It Up 28

Log Out, Shut Down, and Resume 30

Chapter 2 Configuring Your MacBook

Change the Desktop Background 34

Set Up a Screen Saver 36

Configure Energy Saver and Sleep Settings 38

Customize the Dock 40

Add or Remove Desktop Spaces 42

Create Hot Corners to Control Screen Display 44

Make the Screen Easier to See 46

Configure the Keyboard 48

Configure the Trackpad or Other Pointing Device 50

Configure iCloud Settings 52

Add a Second Display 54

Using an Apple TV and HDTV as an Extra Display 56

Set Up Your Social Networking Accounts 58

Connect External Devices 60

Explore Other Important Settings 62

Chapter 3 Sharing Your MacBook with Others

Create a User Account 66

Configure Your MacBook for Multiple Users 68

Share Your MacBook with Fast User Switching 70

Turn On Parental Controls for an Account 72

Control What Apps a User Can Run 74

Limit Website Access for a User 76

Set Store Restrictions and Time Limits 78

Choose Privacy Restrictions for a User 80

Apply Other Restrictions to a User 82

Review a User’s Actions 84

Chapter 4 Running Apps

Open an App and Quit It 88

Install an App from the App Store 90

Install an App from a Disc or the Internet 92

Run an App Full Screen 94

Run Apps at Login 96

Using Split View 98

Switch Quickly Among Apps .100

Switch Apps Using Mission Control .102

Set Up Dictation and Text to Speech .104

Using Dictation and Text to Speech 106

Remove Apps 108

Identify Problem Apps 110

Force a Crashed App to Quit 112

Revert to an Earlier Version of a Document 114

Using Dashboard 116

Configure Dashboard 118

Chapter 5 Managing Your Files and Folders

Understanding Where to Store Files 122

Using the Finder’s Views .124

Work with Finder Tabs 126

View a File with Quick Look .128

Search for a File or Folder .130

Control Which Folders Spotlight Searches 132

Create a New Folder .134

Copy a File 136

Move a File .138

Rename a File or Folder 140

View the Information About a File or Folder .142

Organize Your Files with Tags 144

Compress Files .146

Using the Trash .148

Customize the Finder Toolbar .150

Customize the Sidebar 152

Configure Finder Preferences .154

Chapter 6 Surfing the Web

Open a Web Page .158

Follow a Link to a Web Page 159

Open Several Web Pages at Once 160

Navigate Among Web Pages .162

Return to a Recently Visited Page .164

Play Music and Videos on the Web 166

Change Your Home Page .168

Create Bookmarks for Web Pages 170

Using Reader View and Reading List .172

Share Web Pages or Links with Others .174

Follow Links Others Share with You .176

Find Interesting Web Pages .178

Download a File .180

Configure Safari for Security and Privacy .182

Chapter 7 Sending and Receiving E‐Mail

Set Up Your E‐Mail Accounts 188

Send an E‐Mail Message 190

Send an E‐Mail Message Using Stationery 192

Receive and Read Your Messages 194

Reply to a Message 196

Forward a Message .198

Send a File via E‐Mail .200

Receive a File via E‐Mail .202

View E‐Mail Messages by Conversations .204

Reduce the Amount of Spam You Receive 206

Chapter 8 Chatting and Calling

Set Up Messages 210

Chat with a Buddy .212

Send and Receive Files with Messages .214

Sign In to FaceTime and Set Preferences .216

Make and Receive FaceTime Calls 218

Configure and Use Handoff with Your iPhone .220

Chapter 9 Organizing Your Life

Navigate the Calendar App 224

Create a New Calendar 226

Create an Event .228

Share a Calendar with Other People 230

Subscribe to a Shared Calendar 232

Add Someone to Your Contacts 234

Change a Contact’s Information .236

Organize Contacts into Groups .238

Create Notes .240

Track Your Commitments with Reminders .244

Get Directions .248

Explore with 3D Flyovers in Maps 250

Chapter 10 Enjoying Music, Video, and Books

Add Your Music to iTunes 254

Set Up Home Sharing .256

Buy Songs Online .258

Play Songs 260

Play Videos .262

Create Playlists 264

Create Smart Playlists .266

Listen to iTunes Radio and Internet Radio .268

Enjoy Podcasts 270

Read Books .272

Chapter 11 Making the Most of Your Photos

Import Photos .276

Browse Your Photos .278

Select Photos from Bursts .284

Crop a Photo .286

Rotate or Straighten a Photo .288

Remove Red‐Eye 290

Improve a Photo’s Colors .292

Add Filters to Photos 294

Create Photo Albums 296

Create and Play Slide Shows 298

Identify Faces in Photos .302

E‐Mail a Photo .304

Take Photos or Movies of Yourself 306

Chapter 12 Networking and Protecting Your MacBook

Transfer Files Using AirDrop .310

Connect to a Shared Folder 312

Share a Folder .314

Connect to a Shared Printer .316

Share Your MacBook’s Printer .318

Connect Remotely via Back to My Mac .320

Turn Off Automatic Login 324

Enable and Configure the Firewall .326

Choose Privacy Settings 328

Install and Use Antivirus Software 330

Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks 332

Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Your MacBook

Using OS X’s Help System 336

Reclaim Space by Emptying the Trash .338

Keep Your MacBook Current with Updates 340

Control Checking for Software Updates 342

Back Up Your Files .344

Recover Files from Backup .346

Recover When OS X Crashes .348

Troubleshoot Corrupt Preference Files .350

Run First Aid from Within OS X .352

Run First Aid from OS X Utilities .354

Reinstall OS X to Solve Severe Problems 356

Index 358