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Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Air

Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Air

Brad Miser

ISBN: 978-0-470-37613-3

Oct 2008

368 pages

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If you’re a visual learner who prefers instructions that show you how to do something, then this book is for you. Its clear, step-by-step screen shots show you how to tackle more than 160 tasks with your MacBook Air. You'll learn to work with the multitouch trackpad; use the Dock, Exposé, and Spaces; get online via AirPort or Wi-Fi; sync your iPhone to your MacBook Air; manage contacts and calendars; connect to other devices; use e-mail and iChat, surf the Web; and much more. Full-color screen shots demonstrate each task.
Chapter 1: Exploring MacBook Air.

Chapter 2: Looking Through Mac OS X Finder Windows.

Chapter 3: Using the Dock, Exposé, Spaces, and the Dashboard.

Chapter 4: Working on the Mac Desktop.

Chapter 5: Working with Mac Applications.

Chapter 6: Personalizing MacBook Air.

Chapter 7: Connecting to a Network and the Internet.

Chapter 8: Traveling with MacBook Air.

Chapter 9: Connecting MacBook Air to Other Devices.

Chapter 10: Using MobileMe Online Services.

Chapter 11: Surfing the Web.

Chapter 12: E-mailing.

Chapter 13: Chatting.

Chapter 14: Managing Contacts.

Chapter 15: Managing Calendars.

Chapter 16: Printing on Paper or Electronically.

Chapter 17: Maintaining and Troubleshooting MacBook Air.

Chapter 18: Listening to Music and Watching Video with iTunes.

Chapter 19: Creating Photo Books and Other Projects with iPhoto.