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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 10

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 10

Mike Wooldridge, Brianna Stuart

ISBN: 978-1-118-21837-2

Nov 2011

384 pages

Select type: E-Book

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See what to do and how to do it in this visual guide to Photoshop Elements 10

If you want practical coverage of the most important features of Photoshop Elements 10, this book is for you. Packed with step-by-step instructions illustrated with full-color screen shots, this book clearly shows you how to do tasks, rather than using lengthy explanations. Even better, the book includes an associated website with all the images in the book available for download, so you can get hands-on practice as you go. It's an efficient, easy-to-follow way to get up to speed on the latest and best that Photoshop Elements 10 has to offer.

  • A visual guide to Photoshop Elements 10, perfect for visual learners
  • Helps you build your skills through clear, step-by-step instruction and ample, full-color illustrations
  • Covers important new features such as importing photos from digital cameras and scanners, retouching and repairing damaged photos, enhancing digital images, perfecting group shots with Photomerge, and editing images for posting on the web
  • Also covers using the sharpness interface to correct blurry images, exploring the Curves tool to adjust contract and brightness, and organizing images with auto-stacking

Get the very most out of Photoshop Elements 10 with Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop Elements 10.

Chapter 1 Getting Started

Introducing Photoshop Elements 10 4

Understanding Digital Images 6

Start Photoshop Elements 8

Explore the Editor Workspace 9

Tour the Organizer Workspace 10

Switch Between the Editor and the Organizer 11

Anatomy of the Photoshop Elements Toolbox 12

Work with Toolbox Tools 14

Work with Panels 16

Set Program Preferences 18

View Rulers and Guides 20

Chapter 2 Importing and Opening Digital Images

Get Photos for Your Projects 24

Import Photos from a Digital Camera or Card Reader 26

Import Photos from a Scanner 28

Import Photos from a Folder 30

Watch a Folder for New Images 32

Open a Photo 34

Create a Blank Image 36

Save a Photo 38

Duplicate a Photo 40

Close a Photo 41

Chapter 3 Organizing Your Photos

Introducing the Organizer 44

Open the Organizer 46

Create a Catalog 48

View Photos in the Media Browser 50

View Photos in Full Screen 52

Display a Slide Show in Full Screen 54

View Photo Properties 56

Add a Caption 58

Work with Albums 60

View Photos by Date 62

Find Photos 64

Rate Photos 66

Chapter 4 Using Advanced Organizing Tools

Create a Smart Album 70

Work with Keyword Tags 72

Tag Faces 76

Apply Photo Fixes in Full Screen 78

Stack Photos 80

Find by Visual Similarity 82

Find Objects 84

Chapter 5 Applying Image-Editing Basics

Manage Open Images 88

Magnify with the Zoom Tool 92

Adjust the Image View 94

Change the On-Screen Image Size 96

Change the Image Print Size 98

Change the Image Resolution 100

Change the Image Canvas Size 102

Crop an Image 104

Rotate an Image 106

Undo Changes to an Image 108

Revert an Image 109

Chapter 6 Making Selections

Select an Area with the Marquee 112

Select an Area with the Lasso 114

Select an Area with the Magic Wand 118

Select an Area with the Quick Selection Tool 120

Select an Area with the Selection Brush 122

Save and Load a Selection 124

Invert a Selection 126

Deselect a Selection 127

Chapter 7 Manipulating Selections

Add to or Subtract from a Selection 130

Move a Selection 132

Duplicate a Selection 134

Delete a Selection 135

Rotate a Selection 136

Scale a Selection 137

Skew or Distort a Selection 138

Feather the Border of a Selection 140

Chapter 8 Using Layer Basics

Introducing Layers 144

Create and Add to a Layer 146

Hide a Layer 148

Move a Layer 149

Duplicate a Layer 150

Delete a Layer 151

Reorder Layers 152

Change the Opacity of a Layer 154

Link Layers 155

Merge Layers 156

Rename a Layer 157

Create a Fill Layer 158

Create an Adjustment Layer 160

Blend Layers 162

Add a Layer Mask 164

Edit a Layer Mask 166

Chapter 9 Enhancing and Retouching Photos

Retouch with Guided Edit 170

Quick Fix a Photo 172

Improve Colors with Quick Fix 174

Remove Red Eye 176

Retouch with the Clone Stamp Tool 178

Remove a Spot 180

Sharpen an Image 182

Extract an Object from a Background 184

Merge Group Shots 186

Clean Up a Scene 188

Recompose a Photo 190

Fix Keystone Distortion 192

Improve a Portrait 194

Chapter 10 Improving Lighting and Exposure

Enhance Lighting with Guided Edit 200

Adjust Levels 202

Adjust Shadows and Highlights 204

Change Brightness and Contrast 206

Lighten Areas with the Dodge Tool 208

Darken Areas with the Burn Tool 210

Add a Spotlight 212

Fix Exposure 214

Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools 216

Chapter 11 Enhancing Colors

Enhance Colors with Guided Edit 220

Adjust Skin Color 222

Adjust Color with the Sponge Tool 224

Correct Color with Color Variations 226

Replace a Color 228

Turn a Color Photo into Black and White 230

Add Color to a Black-and-White Photo 232

Adjust Color by Using Color Curves 234

Chapter 12 Painting and Drawing on Photos

Set the Foreground and Background Colors 238

Add Color with the Brush Tool 240

Change Brush Styles 242

Add Color with the Paint Bucket Tool 244

Using a Brush to Replace a Color 246

Adjust Colors with the Smart Brush 248

Draw a Shape 250

Draw a Line 252

Apply the Eraser 254

Apply a Gradient 256

Add from the Content Panel 258

Chapter 13 Applying Filters

Blur an Image 262

Distort an Image 264

Turn an Image into a Painting 266

Turn an Image into a Sketch 268

Add Noise to an Image 270

Pixelate an Image 272

Emboss an Image 274

Apply Multiple Filters 276

Chapter 14 Adding Text Elements

Add Text 280

Change the Formatting of Text 282

Change the Color of Text 284

Create Warped Text 286

Create Beveled Text 288

Add a Shadow to Text 289

Add Text to a Selection 290

Chapter 15 Applying Styles and Effects

Frame a Photo with a Drop Shadow 294

Add a Drop Shadow to a Layer 296

Create a Vintage Photo 298

Add a Fancy Background 300

Add an Outline to a Layer 302

Add an Outer Glow to a Layer 304

Add a Fancy Covering to a Layer 306

Add a Watermark 308

Apply a Photomerge Style 310

Chapter 16 Presenting Photos Creatively

Create a Slide Show 314

Create a Photo Book 318

Create a Flipbook 322

Create PhotoStamps 324

Create a Photo Panorama 326

Chapter 17 Saving and Sharing Your Work

Save a JPEG for the Web 330

Save a GIF for the Web 332

Save a PNG for the Web 334

Convert File Types 336

E-Mail Images with Photo Mail 338

Print Photos 342

Share Photos on Facebook 344

Export Photos 348

Back Up Photos 350

Sign Up for Online Services 352

Share a Photo Album Online 354

Back Up and Synchronize Photos Online 356

Index 358

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Chapter Files Example 10-12
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