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Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2013



Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2013

William Wood

ISBN: 978-1-118-67533-5 February 2013 352 Pages


A straightforward, visual approach to learning the new PowerPoint 2013!

PowerPoint 2013 boasts updated features and new possibilities; this highly visual tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to help you learn all the capabilities of PowerPoint 2013. It covers the basics, as well as all the exciting new changes and additions in a series of easy-to-follow, full-color, two-page tutorials. Learn how to create slides, dress them up using templates and graphics, add sound and animation, and more. This book is the ideal "show me, don't tell me" guide to PowerPoint 2013.

  • Demonstrates how to create memorable and captivating presentations using PowerPoint 2013, the latest generation of Microsoft's presentation software
  • Walks you through PowerPoint 2013's new features, including new wide-screen themes and variants, improved collaboration tools, and an enhanced Presenter View
  • Shows you how to create slides, dress them up with templates and graphics, add sound and animation, and present in a business or Internet setting
  • Features easy-to-follow, full-color, two-page tutorials

With Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2013, you have the power to make a remarkable presentation!

Chapter 1 Starting with PowerPoint Basics

Introducing PowerPoint 4

Start PowerPoint and Explore the Start Screen 6

Start a New Presentation 8

Search for Templates Online 10

Save a Presentation 12

Find a Presentation 14

Open an Existing Presentation 16

Close a Presentation 18

Delete a Presentation 19

Chapter 2 Navigating PowerPoint

Explore Normal View 22

Navigate PowerPoint Views 23

Work with Ribbon Groups, Commands, and Galleries 24

Arrange Presentation Windows 26

Find and Use KeyTips 27

Using the Quick Access Toolbar 28

Resize the Notes Pane 29

Zoom to Full Screen 30

Navigate Slides 32

Using Help 34

Chapter 3 Changing PowerPoint Options

Introducing PowerPoint Options 38

Modify General Options 40

Change Spelling Options 42

Change AutoCorrect Settings 44

Change AutoFormat Settings 46

Customize Save Options 48

Modify View and Slide Show Options 50

Change Editing Settings 52

Work with Print Options 54

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 56

Customize the Ribbon 58

Chapter 4 Writing and Formatting Text

Understanding Slide Structure 64

Explore Text Formatting Options 65

Add a Slide 66

Delete a Slide in Normal View 67

Type and Edit Text on a Slide 68

Format Text Color and Style 70

Format Text Font and Size 72

Cut, Copy, and Paste Text 74

Format Bulleted Lists 76

Using the Spelling Check Feature 78

Using the Research Feature 80

Chapter 5 Working with Layouts

Understanding Layouts and Placeholders 84

Insert a New Slide with the Selected Layout 85

Change a Slide Layout 86

Using Layouts with a Content Placeholder 87

Insert a Table 88

Format a Table 90

Insert a Chart 92

Format a Chart 94

Edit Chart Data 96

Insert Pictures 98

Insert Video 100

Insert a SmartArt Graphic 102

Edit SmartArt 104

Insert a Slide from Another File 106

Chapter 6 Organizing Slides

Move a Slide 110

Copy and Paste a Slide 111

Delete a Slide in Slide Sorter View 112

Make a Duplicate Slide 113

Hide a Slide 114

Zoom In the View 115

Go to an Individual Slide 116

Change Slide Orientation 117

Change Aspect Ratio 118

View Slides in Grayscale 120

Group Slides into Sections 122

Chapter 7 Working with Outlines

Display Outline View 126

Understanding How Outline and Slide Content Relate 127

Enter Presentation Content in an Outline 128

Move Slides and Bullet Points in an Outline 130

Promote and Demote Items 132

Collapse and Expand an Outline 134

Edit Outline Content 135

Insert Slides from an Outline 136

Chapter 8 Using Themes

Understanding Themes 140

The Anatomy of a Theme 141

Apply a Theme to Selected Slides 142

Apply a Theme to All Slides 144

Apply a Theme to a Section 145

Change Theme Colors 146

Modify the Background 148

Apply a Texture or Picture Background 150

Save Your Own Theme 152

Make a Theme the Default for New Presentations 153

Save a Template 154

Chapter 9 Using Masters

Understanding Masters 158

Understanding Slide Master Elements 159

Open and Close Slide Master View 160

Remove a Placeholder 161

Insert a Placeholder 162

Add a Footer 164

Add a Date165

Set Up Slide Numbers 166

Insert a Graphic in Slide Master View 167

Work with Multiple Masters 168

Insert a New Blank Master 169

Preserve Master Slides 170

Rename Master Slides 171

Work with the Notes Master 172

Work with the Handout Master 174

Omit Master Graphics on a Slide 175

Create a Custom Slide Layout 176

Chapter 10 Adding Graphics and Drawings

Select Objects 180

Move Objects 182

Resize Objects 183

Change Object Order 184

Group and Ungroup Objects 185

Merge Shapes 186

Insert Clip Art 188

Draw a Shape 190

Add Text to a Shape 191

Chapter 11 Enhancing Slides with Action

Understanding Animations and Action Buttons 210

Embracing the Animation Pane 211

Apply an Animation 212

Preview an Animation 214

Add an Animation 215

Change Animation Effects 216

Change the Animation Trigger 217

Modify Animation Timing 218

Reorder Animations 219

Add a Motion Path 220

Remove an Animation 222

Apply a Transition 223

Remove a Transition 224

Advance a Slide after a Set Time Interval 225

Add a Transition Sound 226

Set a Transition Speed 227

Insert an Action Button 228

Chapter 12 Incorporating Media

Insert a Picture 232

Add a Border 233

Adjust Brightness and Contrast 234

Adjust Color 235

Crop a Picture 236

Remove the Background from a Picture 238

Using Artistic Effects 240

Compress Pictures 241

Using Layout Effects 242

Insert Media from the Internet 244

Insert Video and Audio Clips 246

Record an Audio Clip 248

Trim Video Clips 250

Trim Audio Clips 252

Insert a Screenshot 254

Create a Photo Album 256

Chapter 13 Finalizing a Slide Show

Send a Presentation for Review 260

Protect a Presentation 262

Add and Delete Comments 264

Review Comments 266

Select a Show Type and Show Options 268

Specify Slides to Include 270

Rehearse Timing 272

Record a Narration 274

Package a Presentation 276

Chapter 14 Printing Presentations

Using Print Preview 280

Print Slides 282

Print Hidden Slides 283

Print Handouts 284

Print Handouts with Microsoft Word 286

Print the Outline Only 288

Print Notes 289

Print in Black and White or Grayscale 290

Frame Slides 291

Chapter 15 Presenting a Slide Show

Get Ready to Present 294

Start and End a Show 295

Navigate Among Slides 296

Zoom In 298

Use the Pointer 300

Mark Up with Pen and Highlighter 302

Erase Annotations 304

Display Slide Show Help 305

Enable Presenter View 306

Use Presenter View 307

Switch to a Different Program 308

Chapter 16 Publishing a Presentation

Compare Presentations 312

Make a PDF Document from a Presentation 314

Create a Video of a Presentation 316

Save a Presentation as a Slide Show 318

Publish Slides as Graphics 320

Broadcast a Presentation 322

Save the Presentation to SkyDrive 324

Share the Presentation with SkyDrive 326

Index 328