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Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition



Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition

Justin Davis, Kristine Curington, Dan Streetman (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-119-04766-7 March 2015 352 Pages

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The highly visual, step-by-step guide to getting the most out of

Teach Yourself VISUALLY, 2nd Edition is your ideal guide to getting up to speed on the world's number-one on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) system. With full color screenshots and step-by-step instructions, this highly visual manual shows you everything you need to know to get the most out of You'll be walked through each step of the entire process, from choosing the right edition and customizing your service to capturing leads, inputting contacts, tracking correspondence, reviewing reports, and more. This updated edition covers the newest features and tools that make your business run more smoothly, so you can get up and running quickly.

This book is your ultimate guide to optimizing capabilities, helping you leverage your data into added value for your business.

  • Choose the right edition to suit your needs
  • Master the latest and most helpful features
  • Personalize your system for a tailor-made CRM solution
  • Manage accounts, develop contacts, track inventory, and more

Foreword xiii

Chapter 1 Introducing Salesforce

Choose an Edition of Salesforce 4

Understanding the Home Page 6

Customize the Home Page 8

Create a New User 10

Customize the Tabs 12

Upload a Company Logo 14

Create an App 16

Understanding the Company Information Page 20

Understanding the System Overview Page 22

Modify the Fiscal Year 24

Modify Business Hours 26

Log a Technical Support Case 28

Deactivate a User 30

View the Learning Center 31

Chapter 2 Using the Sales Cloud

Create a New Lead 34

Convert a Lead 36

Create a New Account 38

Create a New Contact 40

Create a List View 42

Create an Email Template 44

Send a Single Email 46

Send a Mass Email 48

Create a New Opportunity 50

Create Products 52

Create Activities 54

Modify a Quote Template 56

Build a Quote 60

Email a Quote 64

Create a Web-to-Lead Form 66

Create a Lead Assignment Rule 68

Create a Lead Queue 70

Create an Auto-Response Rule 72

Create a Campaign 76

Chapter 3 Using the Service Clou

Create a New Case Record 82

Create Case Assignment Rules 84

Create Case Escalation Rules 88

Enable Solutions 92

Create a Solution 94

Attach a Solution to a Case 96

Create a Web-to-Case Form 98

Create an Email-to-Case Address 100

Chapter 4 Using the AppExchange

Introducing the AppExchange 106

Find and Select an App 108

Install an App 110

Find a Developer 114

Find a Consultant 116

Chapter 5 Configuring Reports and Dashboards

Understanding Report Formats 120

Create a Leads Report 122

Create a Contacts & Accounts Report 124

Create an Opportunity Report 125

Add Leads to a Campaign 126

Create Report Charts 128

Create a Custom Report Type 130

Schedule Reports 134

Create a Campaign Report 135

Summarize Report Data 136

Create a Joined Report 138

Export Reports to Excel 140

Add Grouping to Reports 141

Create a Report Formula 142

Understanding Dashboard Components 144

Create a Dashboard 146

Refresh a Dashboard 148

Modify Columns on Dashboards 149

Add a Filter to a Dashboard 150

Manage Access to Reports 152

Schedule a Dashboard Refresh 153

Add a Report as a Dashboard Component 154

Set Up Dynamic Dashboards 156

Enable Dashboards for the iPad 158

Modify Report and Dashboard Features 159

Activate the Report Builder on Profiles 160

Chapter 6 Collaborating

Understanding Chatter 164

Enable Chatter 166

Enable Chatter Feeds on Accounts 170

Configure Chatter Groups 172

Create a Chatter Free User 174

Set Up Email Notifications 176

Install Chatter Desktop 178

Enable Salesforce-to-Salesforce 182

Configure Salesforce-to-Salesforce 184

Share an Account 188

Accept a Connection 192

Enable Ideas 196

Configure Ideas Themes 200

Enable Social Contacts 202

Enable Libraries and Content 206

Customize Libraries and Content 210

Upload Documents to Content 214

Leave Feedback on Documents in Content 218

Configure Salesforce1 220

Chapter 7 Configuring Security

View Object Security 224

Change Default Record Access 226

View the Role Hierarchy 228

Configure Session Settings 229

Create a New Role 230

Enable Field History 232

Configure the Password Policy 234

Configure Network Access 236

Configure Remote Site Settings 238

Reset a Security Token 240

Grant Login Access 241

Create a Validation Rule 242

Disable a Validation Rule 244

Create an Account Sharing Rule 246

Create a Public Group 248

Modify Object Settings for Profiles 250

Reset a Password 254

Download the Setup Audit History 255

Configure Account Field-Level Security 256

Restrict Login IP Ranges 258

Download a Secure Certificate 260

Set Up Delegated Administration 262

Modify User Roles and Profiles 264

Modify Login Access Policies 265

Set Up an Authentication Provider 266

Chapter 8 Managing Your Data

Import Leads 270

Import Contacts and Accounts 274

Using Mass Delete 278

Install the Data Loader 280

Import Records with the Data Loader 284

Update Records with the Data Loader 288

Delete Records with the Data Loader 292

Export Records with the Data Loader 296

Add a Field in the Schema Builder 300

Schedule a Data Export 304

Create a Sandbox 306

Mass Transfer Records 308

Chapter 9 Configuring Workflow

Using Workflow Rules 312

Create a Workflow Rule 314

Create a Workflow Field Update 316

Add a Field Update to a Rule 318

Create a Workflow Task 320

Link a Task to a Rule 322

Create an Email Alert 324

Add an Email Alert to a Rule 326

Index 328