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Teacher's Skills Tests For Dummies

Teacher's Skills Tests For Dummies

Colin Beveridge, Andrew Green

ISBN: 978-1-118-66164-2

Jun 2014

352 pages

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If you’re preparing for the newly revised Numeracy and Literacy Skills Tests, Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies is your one-stop for both exams, providing you with subject-matter review, revision and practice tests you need to tackle the tests with confidence and succeed. Written by expert authors in Maths, English, and Education (with the credentials to prove it),  Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies provides you with:

- A review of the key maths and English concepts you need to know to do well
- Full length practice tests and tons of additional practice questions
- Online accessible audio tests for spelling and mental arithmetic — to better prepare you for the actual test
- Tips and tricks (along with mistakes to avoid) to become a better test taker

With this book — and a bit of work on your part — you’ll be positioned to pass your skills tests and gain that coveted place on a teacher-training course.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with the Skills Tests 7

Chapter 1: Receiving Your Ticket to the Classroom 9

Chapter 2: Scoping out the Skills Tests 23

Chapter 3: Studying to Succeed 39

Part II: Literacy Skills 51

Chapter 4: Falling Under the Spell of Spelling 53

Chapter 5: Punching above Your Weight at Punctuation 75

Chapter 6: Getting to Grips with Grammar 103

Chapter 7: Considering the Comprehension Test 133

Part III: Numeracy Skills 157

Chapter 8: Making Sense of Mental Maths 159

Chapter 9: Stepping up to the Screen: Arithmetic Review 193

Chapter 10: Getting on Top of On-Screen Tests with Tables and Graphs 211

Chapter 11: Trying out Your Numeracy Skills: On-Screen Practice Questions 235

Part IV: Timed Practice Tests 275

Chapter 12: Practising Literacy Tests under Timed Conditions 277

Chapter 13: Tackling the Timed Numeracy Test 297

Part V: The Part of Tens 309

Chapter 14: Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your Head 311

Chapter 15: Ten Tricks for Acing Your Numeracy Test 319

Index 325