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Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

Ann Lieberman, Lynne Miller

ISBN: 978-1-118-11334-9 March 2011 Jossey-Bass 116 Pages




In Teacher Leadership, Lieberman and Miller discuss current changes in the teacher's role, and make sense of the research on teacher leadership. They offer case studies of innovative programs - such as the National Writing Project - that provide teachers with opportunities to lead within a professional community. In addition, they tell stories of individual teachers - from Maine to California - who are able to lead in a variety of contexts. Teacher Leadership offers a new standard of teaching and community that recognizes all teachers as leaders. It shows how to develop learning communities that include rather than exclude, create knowledge rather than merely apply it, and that offer challenge and support to both new and experienced teachers.

This book is a volume in the Jossey-Bass Leadership Library in Education - a series designed to meet the demand for new ideas and insights about leadership in schools.

1. Why Teacher Leadership, and Why Now?

2. What Research Says About Teacher Leadership.

3. Learning to Lead in Communities of Practice.

4. Portraits of Teacher Leaders in Practice.



  • Top experts on teacher leadership summarize the current state of the field
  • Short, practical and easy-to-read -- tailored for the busy professional
  • Helps both aspiring and practicing leaders keep up with a dynamic field
  • Meets the demand for new ideas and insights about leadership