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Teacher Smart!: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management & Control



Teacher Smart!: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management & Control

George Watson

ISBN: 978-0-876-28913-6 June 1996 Jossey-Bass 220 Pages

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Reinforcing the fun of teaching, this book offers new and experienced teachers practical problem-solving to deal with a range of classroom challenges. Includes forms.
1: Behavior Control.

Self-Removing Behavior Problems.

Parameters with Power.

Dueling Pens.

Cooperative Behavior Monitor Notice.

It's a No Hat, No Gum and No Candy Environment.

The Classic Five-Minute Washroom Control Technique.

A Video for Mom and Dad.

Getting a Handle on a Line.

The Hall Pass.

A Solution to the Chronic Attention-Seeker Problem.

The Two-Week Notice Idea.

Bring in Mom.

Quick Response Forms— One and Two.

Check Mark to Progress.

Interim Report Ideas.

In-Class Study Periods.

Out-of-the-Room Control Board.

The Assignment Tracking Chart.


Speak Softly Because You Can't Carry a Stick Anymore.

Focus Point of Order and Q.

Geometry Set Control.

Have a Note Paper Supply.

The In-Class Auction.

Help for the Distracted Student.

2: Reinforcement and Reward Systems.

Percent Tickets.

Special Privileges Pass Card.

Freebie Day.

No-Cost or Low-cost Rewards for Students.

Good Guy, Good Girl and Congratulations Awards.

The Reading Ticket Program.

The "Gotcha" Program.

The Ice Cream Reading Idea.


3: On-Task Behavior.

The Stick Jar.

Grade Standing Chart.

Prorating a Test.

Guidelines and Judging Form for School Oratory Competitions.

The Best Bibliography Form in the Business.

The Desk Island System.

Phone the Teacher.

The Great Race around the Room.

The Score Chart.

Frame of Reference Chart.

Test-Type Questions.

Notice-of-Materials-Received Sheet.

Stagger Due Dates for Assignments.

Alphabet Porridge.

Class Homework Book.

Gimme a Shoe for a Pen.

The Red Line.

The Video Sheet.

Vocabulary Chains.

Critical Analysis Sheet.

The Research Paper.

Hypothesis Boxes.

The Primary Pail Organizer.

The Classroom Routine.

The Organizer Scrapbook.

The Back-to-Back Essay Review Idea.

The Great Letter Tool.

4: Neat and Fun Things to Do in School.

The Community Service P.R. and Gold Card Program.

The Great Impromptu Speech Idea.

How to Play the Stock Market in the Classroom.

The Library Auction.

A "Meet the Teacher Night" Learning Experience.

Missions Possible.

The End-of-the-Year Book.

Class Name Puzzle.

The Food Ingredients Game (FIG).

The Book Exchange Token Program.

The "Welcome Back" Booklet.

Before-School Happy Gram.

Las Vegas Math.

The Rotating "Teacher's Pet" System.

Read a Tub Tub.


How to Get Pen Pals in a Foreign Country.

The Budget Game.

The After-Assignment Enjoyment Booklet.

Splat! Punctuation System.

It's a Pet of an Idea.

Cool Spelling.

How to Play "Boom Bah" in the Classroom.

The Care Helper Program.

The Energetic Three-Chaired Data Review Game.

The Up, Down and Sideways Puzzle.

Subject Bingo.

5: Communication and Professional Ideas.

Survival and Success Guidelines for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

The Substitute Teacher's Handbook.

The Principal-Teacher Communication Tool.

The Text Monitor Sheet.

Obvious Teaching Strategies and Things You Should Already Know.

The Three Basic Forms You Need.

The Substitute's Bag of Tricks.

The Colorful Generic Lesson Plan File.

Awards Night Nomination Form.

Myths of the Teaching Profession.

Guardian Angel Week/Month.

6: Self-esteem.

The Bumper Sticker P.R. Tool.

"Student of the Week" and Self-esteem.

The Special Student Report Form.

Clever Kid Quality Questions.

The Progress Roll.

The Postcard P.R. Idea.

Children of Worth.

The Excellent Student Recognition Award/

The Ethnic Diversity Candle.

Picture This.

7: Teacher and Student Protection Ideas.

Teachers' Stress-Reduction Survival Guidelines.

Late Assignment Information Sheet.

The Protective Volunteer Idea.

The Incomplete Math Technique.

Placebo Note Idea.

Test Security Systems.

Behavior Record Sheet.

Guidelines for Avoidance of False Accusations of Sexual or Physical Abuse.

Student Signal Chart.

Gibraltar Password.

The Easy Back-Up Note System.

Refusal Protection.

Answer No-Change Guidelines.

Confrontation, Incident, Altercation Survival Guidelines.

The "Picking Teams" System.

Last-Minute Bright and Really Bright Ideas.