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Teaching Skills For Dummies

Sue Cowley

ISBN: 978-1-119-99670-5 December 2010 380 Pages


Being a “good teacher” is a difficult goal to achieve, being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these ‘soft’ skills of teaching, from maintaining discipline to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance. This essential guide promises to help teachers gain the respect of their pupils, manage potential confrontations and ultimately get the best out of both their careers and their students.

Teaching Skills For Dummies includes information on:

  • Developing Your Teaching Style
  • Teaching a Class
  • Managing a Class
  • Dealing with Different Kinds of People
  • Succeeding Beyond the Classroom


“Don’t let the title fool you; this is an essential guide and resource for any aspiring teacher. Sue Cowley uses her experience and insight to provide a comprehensive and informative resource, packed with excellent advice and brilliant suggestions for making both teaching and learning effective. A must for any teacher’s bookshelf!”
                                               - Peter Hadfield, Principal lecturer in Education, University of Bedfordshire

Introduction 1

Part I: Developing Your Teaching Style 9

Chapter 1: Building Your Teaching Skills 11

Chapter 2: Understanding Teaching Styles – and Developing One That Works for You 27

Chapter 3: Making the Most of Your Communication Skills 43

Part II: Teaching a Class 59

Chapter 4: Preparing and Teaching High-Quality Lessons 61

Chapter 5: Getting (and Keeping) a Class Engaged 81

Chapter 6: Getting the Most Out of Your Students 97

Part III: Managing a Class 121

Chapter 7: Structuring Your Teaching and Your Teaching Space 123

Chapter 8: Building Better Behaviour 149

Chapter 9: Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere 171

Chapter 10: Handling Challenging Situations 189

Part IV: Dealing with Different Kinds of People 209

Chapter 11: Getting to Know Your Students 211

Chapter 12: Working as Part of a Team 237

Chapter 13: Building Bonds with Parents 257

Part V: Succeeding Beyond the Classroom 277

Chapter 14: Climbing the Paper Mountain 279

Chapter 15: Getting Involved in Extra-Curricular Activities 293

Chapter 16: Evaluating and Furthering Your Teaching Skills 305

Part VI: The Part of Tens 315

Chapter 17: Ten Great Ways to Engage with a Group 317

Chapter 18: Ten Key Strategies for Handling Difficult Behaviour 325

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Dealing with Stress 333

Chapter 20: Ten Best Book and Website Resources for Teachers and Trainers 339

Index 343