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Teaching for Understanding with Technology

Martha Stone Wiske, Kristi Rennebohm Franz (With), Lisa Breit

ISBN: 978-0-470-92417-4 June 2010 Jossey-Bass 180 Pages


Teaching for Understanding with Technology shows how teachers can maximize the potential of new technologies to advance student learning and achievement.  It uses the popular Teaching for Understanding framework  that guides learners to think, analyze, solve problems, and make meaning of what they've learned. The book offers advice on tapping into a rich array of new technologies such as web information, online curricular information, and professional networks to research teaching topics, set learning goals, create innovative lesson plans, assess student understanding, and develop communities of learners.  


The Authors.

PART ONE: Overview of Teaching for Understanding with Technology.

Chapter 1. What Is Teaching for Understanding?

Chapter 2. Using New Technologies to Teach for Understanding.

PART TWO: The Elements of the Teaching for Understanding Framework.

Chapter 3. Generative Topics and New Technologies.

Chapter 4. Understanding Goals and New Technologies.

Chapter 5. Performances of Understanding and New Technologies.

Chapter 6. Ongoing Assessment and New Technologies.

Chapter 7. Learning in Reflective, Collaborative Communities with New Technologies.

PART THREE: Learning to Teach for Understanding.

Chapter 8. How Teachers Learn to Teach with New Technologies.

Chapter 9. Learning for the Future.



Based on solid research from Harvard's Project Zero
Offers step-by-step advice for innovative lesson-planning
Technology-integration tips for daily teaching practice