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Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades 6-8



Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades 6-8

Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla

ISBN: 978-1-118-23728-1 March 2012 Jossey-Bass 272 Pages


Helpful advice for teaching Common Core Math Standards to middle-school students

The new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics have been formulated to provide students with instruction that will help them acquire a thorough knowledge of math at their grade level, which will in turn enable them to move on to higher mathematics with competence and confidence. Hands-on Activities for Teaching the Common Core Math Standards is designed to help teachers instruct their students so that they will better understand and apply the skills outlined in the Standards.

This important resource also gives teachers a wealth of tools and activities that can encourage students to think critically, use mathematical reasoning, and employ various problem-solving strategies.

  • Filled with activities that will help students gain an understanding of math concepts and skills correlated to the Common Core State Math Standards
  • Offers guidance for helping students apply their understanding of math concepts and skills, develop proficiency in calculations, and learn to think abstractly
  • Describes ways to get students to collaborate with other students, utilize technology, communicate ideas about math both orally and in writing, and gain an appreciation of the significance of mathematics to real life

This practical and easy-to-use resource will help teachers give students the foundation they need for success in higher mathematics.

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Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 6.RP.1 2
Activity: Ratios All Around Us 2

Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 6.RP.2 4
Activity: Unit Rate Tic-Tac-Toe 4

Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 6.RP.3 6
Activity: The Faster Rate 7

The Number System: 6.NS.1 9
Activity: Modeling Division of Fractions 9

The Number System: 6.NS.2 12
Activity 1: Snork's Long Division 12
Activity 2: Long Division Relay Race 13

The Number System: 6.NS.3 15
Activity: Decimal Operation Tournament 15

The Number System: 6.NS.4 17
Activity: The Numbers Game 17

The Number System: 6.NS.5 19
Activity: Finding the Opposite 19

The Number System: 6.NS.6 22
Activity 1: Graphing on a Number Line 22
Activity 2: Bonk the Mole 24

The Number System: 6.NS.7 25
Activity: An Old-Fashioned Number Line 25

The Number System: 6.NS.8 27
Activity: The Maze Game 27

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.1 29
Activity: Find Which Does Not Belong 29

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.2 32
Activity: And It Equals 32

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.3 35
Activity: Presenting Properties 35

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.4 37
Activity: Partner Quiz 37

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.5 39
Activity: Three in a Row 39

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.6 42
Activity: A Slice of Life with Variables and Expressions 42

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.7 44
Activity: Equations, Equations, Equations 44

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.8 46
Activity: Find Your Match 47

Expressions and Equations: 6.EE.9 51
Activity 1: Examining Relationships 51
Activity 2: Comparing Heart Rates 52

Geometry: 6.G.1 54
Activity 1: It's Half 54
Activity 2: It's Awe-Sum 55

Geometry: 6.G.2 57
Activity: It's Voluminous 57

Geometry: 6.G.3 60
Activity: Initials 60

Geometry: 6.G.4 63
Activity: Finding the Surface Area of Nets 63

Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.1 65
Activity: Statistical Questions Versus Nonstatistical Questions 65

Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.2 67
Activity: And the Answer Is 67

Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.3 69
Activity: Measure of Center Versus Measure of Variation 69

Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.4 72
Activity: Creating Data Displays 72

Statistics and Probability: 6.SP.5 75
Activity: Summarizing Data 75


Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 7.RP.1 80
Activity: What Is the Unit Rate? 81

Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 7.RP.2 84
Activity: Proportions Scavenger Hunt 84

Ratios and Proportional Relationships: 7.RP.3 86
Activity 1: Gifts for the Holidays 86
Activity 2: Very Interesting 89

The Number System: 7.NS.1 90
Activity: The Virtual Classroom 90

The Number System: 7.NS.2 92
Activity 1: The Distributive Property War 93
Activity 2: Which One Should Be Excluded? 96

The Number System: 7.NS.3 98
Activity: Playing the Stock Market 98

Expressions and Equations: 7.EE.1 104
Activity: Algebraic Expressions Jigsaw 104

Expressions and Equations: 7.EE.2 106
Activity: Rewriting Expressions 106

Expressions and Equations: 7.EE.3 108
Activity: Estimation Game 108

Expressions and Equations: 7.EE.4 110
Activity 1: Writing Equations 110
Activity 2: Solving Inequalities 112

Geometry: 7.G.1 114
Activity: Scaling Your Classroom 114

Geometry: 7.G.2 116
Activity: Creating Triangles 116

Geometry: 7.G.3 119
Activity 1: A Virtual Cube 119
Activity 2: Slicing Figures 120

Geometry: 7.G.4 121
Activity 1: Circle Scavenger Hunt 121
Activity 2: What's the Relationship? 122

Geometry: 7.G.5 124
Activity: What's the Angle? 124

Geometry: 7.G.6 127
Activity: Let's Build It 127

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.1 129
Activity: Examining Samples 129

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.2 131
Activity: How Many Cubes? 131

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.3 133
Activity: How Well Did They Do? 133

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.4 136
Activity: What Can We Say? 136

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.5 139
Activity: On a Scale of Zero to One 139

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.6 143
Activity: Probability Simulations 143

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.7 145
Activity 1: Spinner Experiment 145
Activity 2: Flipping a Marshmallow 146

Statistics and Probability: 7.SP.8 148
Activity 1: Working with Sample Spaces 148
Activity 2: Simulating Events 149


The Number System: 8.NS.1 152
Activity: Math Tic-Tac-Toe 153

The Number System: 8.NS.2 154
Activity 1: Zeroing In 154
Activity 2: Irrational Numbers—They're Insane 155

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.1 157
Activity: What Does It Equal? 157

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.2 160
Activity: Creating Squares and Cubes 161

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.3 162
Activity 1: Expressing Numbers in Scientific Notation 162
Activity 2: It's How Many Times as Much.163

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.4 165
Activity 1: Math Bingo 166
Activity 2: Metric Prefixes 167

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.5 169
Activity: It's Proportional 169

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.6 171
Activity 1: The Slope Is the Same 171
Activity 2: I Have Derived It 172

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.7 176
Activity: Which One Doesn't Belong? 177

Expressions and Equations: 8.EE.8 179
Activity 1: What's the Point? 180
Activity 2: Students Teaching 181

Functions: 8.F.1 183
Activity 1: Using a Function Machine 183
Activity 2: And Now for a Skit, a Song, a Poem, or a 184

Functions: 8.F.2 185
Activity: What's My Function? 185

Functions: 8.F.3 189
Activity: A Function Scavenger Hunt 189

Functions: 8.F.4 191
Activity 1: Four in a Row 191
Activity 2: Everyday Uses of Linear Functions 192

Functions: 8.F.5 198
Activity: Describing a Graph 198

Geometry: 8.G.1 201
Activity: Transformations 201

Geometry: 8.G.2 205
Activity 1: Find the Image 205
Activity 2: From Here to There 206

Geometry: 8.G.3 210
Activity: I've Scrambled My Notes 210

Geometry: 8.G.4 215
Activity: I Found the Image 215

Geometry: 8.G.5 219
Activity 1: Finding the Sum of the Interior Angles of a Triangle 220
Activity 2: Finding the Sum of the Exterior Angles of a Triangle 221
Activity 3: Angles, Parallel Lines, and Transversals 222
Activity 4: Angle-Angle Similarity 223

Geometry: 8.G.6 227
Activity 1: I Can Explain It 227
Activity 2: The Pythagorean Puzzle 228

Geometry: 8.G.7 230
Activity: Applying the Pythagorean Theorem 230

Geometry: 8.G.8 232
Activity: Finding the Distance 232

Geometry: 8.G.9 234
Activity: Finding the Volume 234

Statistics and Probability: 8.SP.1 237
Activity: Making a Scatter Plot 237

Statistics and Probability: 8.SP.2 239
Activity: Drawing the Line of Best Fit 239

Statistics and Probability: 8.SP.3 241
Activity: Using Linear Equations to Solve Problems 241

Statistics and Probability: 8.SP.4 243
Activity: Analyzing Two-Way Tables 244

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