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Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades K-2

Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades K-2

Erin Muschla, Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla

ISBN: 978-1-118-93163-9

Sep 2014, Jossey-Bass

288 pages



Start young children off with Common Core math using these innovative activities

Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades K-2 provides teachers with the help they need to begin teaching to the new standards right away. The book outlines the Common Core math standards from kindergarten to second grade, providing one classroom-ready activity for each standard, plus suggestions for variations and extensions for students of different learning styles and abilities. Along with teaching the required mathematical concepts and skills, many of the activities encourage collaboration, technology utilization, written and oral communication, and an appreciation of the significance of mathematics in modern life.

As the Common Core is adopted across the nation, teachers are scrambling to find information on CCSS-aligned lesson planning and classroom activities. This comprehensive guide answers that need, providing both the background information and practical, applicable guidance that can bring the Common Core into the classroom today. The activities include:

  • Abstract and critical thinking using mathematical reasoning
  • Problem-solving strategies and calculation proficiency
  • Math fluency, and an understanding of mathematical concepts and skills
  • Applying mathematical understanding to real life problems

Early confidence and success in math is critical to a student's future performance. Math anxiety and a shaky foundation can hinder a student's potential far into the future, giving elementary math teachers a huge role in shaping their students' academic lives. The Common Core has set the bar, and Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities, Grades K-2 brings the standards to life.

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Counting and Cardinality: KCC1 2

Activity 1: Reading a Counting Book 2

Activity 2: Counting Floor Tiles 3

Activity 3: Pass the Critter and Count 4

Counting and Cardinality: KCC2 5

Activity 1: Pick a Number and Count 5

Activity 2: A Random Number Generator 6

Counting and Cardinality: KCC3 10

Activity 1: Miniature Math Bingo 10

Activity 2: Numbers and Objects 11

Counting and Cardinality: KCC4 14

Activity 1: Pairing Numbers and Objects 14

Activity 2: Filling in Numbers and Objects 15

Counting and Cardinality: KCC5 20

Activity 1: Counting Out 20

Activity 2: Toss the Die 21

Counting and Cardinality: KCC6 22

Activity: Comparing Objects and Numbers 22

Counting and Cardinality: KCC7 25

Activity: Comparing Numbers 25

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: KOA1 27

Activity 1: Representing Addition and Subtraction 27

Activity 2: Mini-Math Skit 29

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: KOA2 33

Activity: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems 33

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: KOA3 36

Activity 1: Getting to 11 36

Activity 2: Decomposing Numbers 37

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: KOA4 39

Activity: Making 10 39

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: KOA5 43

Activity 1: Piles of Cards 43

Activity 2: Coloring Sums and Differences 44

Number and Operations in Base Ten: KNBT1 49

Activity: Tens and Ones 49

Measurement and Data: KMD1 54

Activity: Draw, Show, and Tell 54

Measurement and Data: KMD2 56

Activity: Comparing Attributes of Objects 56

Measurement and Data: KMD3 58

Activity: Sorting, Classifying, and Counting Objects 58

Geometry: KG1 60

Activity: Finding Shapes 60

Geometry: KG2 62

Activity 1: Identifying and Matching 62

Activity 2: A Virtual Geoboard 64

Geometry: KG3 67

Activity: Flat or Solid 67

Geometry: KG4 72

Activity 1: Analyzing and Comparing Two-Dimensional Shapes 72

Activity 2: Virtual Two-Dimensional Shapes 73

Activity 3: Analyzing and Comparing Three-Dimensional Shapes 74

Geometry: KG5 78

Activity: Making Models 78

Geometry: KG6 80

Activity: Combining Shapes 80


Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA1 86

Activity 1: Word Problems—Adding To and Taking From 86

Activity 2: Word Problems—Putting Together, Taking Apart, and Comparing 87

Activity 3: Adding When Both Addends Are Unknown 88

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA2 92

Activity: Word Problems with Three Addends 92

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA3 95

Activity: Spin and Add 95

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA4 98

Activity: Finding Unknown Addends 98

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA5 101

Activity: Counting Forward and Backward 101

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA6 105

Activity 1: Addition and Subtraction Bingo 105

Activity 2: Addition and Subtraction Using Tens 106

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA7 112

Activity: True or False Equations Game 112

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1OA8 116

Activity: Addition and Subtraction Equations Game 116

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT1 120

Activity 1: Spin and Count 120

Activity 2: Call Out 121

Activity 3: Draw and Count 121

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT2 123

Activity 1: Numbers and Grids 123

Activity 2: Virtual Base Blocks and Place Value 124

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT3 127

Activity: Numbers War Game 127

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT4 130

Activity 1: Reading about Addition 130

Activity 2: Adding and Verifying Sums 131

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT5 132

Activity: The Game of Finding 10 More or 10 Less 132

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1NBT6 136

Activity: Solving and Modeling Subtraction Problems 136

Measurement and Data: 1MD1 139

Activity: Ordering and Comparing Objects by Length 139

Measurement and Data: 1MD2 142

Activity: Measuring String in Length Units 142

Measurement and Data: 1MD3 144

Activity 1: A Book about Telling Time 144

Activity 2: Practicing Telling Time on a Web Site 145

Measurement and Data: 1MD4 146

Activity: Working with Data 146

Geometry: 1G1 150

Activity 1: A Book about Lines and Shapes 150

Activity 2: Drawing Shapes 151

Activity 3: Virtual Shapes and Attributes 152

Geometry: 1G2 154

Activity 1: Making Two-Dimensional Shapes 154

Activity 2: Making a Three-Dimensional Shape 155

Geometry: 1G3 158

Activity 1: Partitioning Circles 158

Activity 2: Partitioning Rectangles 159


Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 2OA1 164

Activity 1: Word Problems Involving Adding To and Taking From 164

Activity 2: Word Problems Involving Putting Together, Taking Apart, and Comparing 166

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 2OA2 171

Activity: Mental Math Game for Adding and Subtracting within 20 171

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 2OA3 175

Activity 1: A Book about an Even-Numbered Day 175

Activity 2: Spilling Objects 176

Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 2OA4 178

Activity: Rectangular Arrays and Equations 178

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT1 180

Activity 1: Creating Numbers of Up to Three Digits 180

Activity 2: Place Value in Cyberspace 181

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT2 183

Activity: The Counting Game 183

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT3 187

Activity: Puzzles and Expanding Numbers 187

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT4 190

Activity: Comparing Numbers through 999 190

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT5 193

Activity: Addition and Subtraction Bingo within 100 193

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT6 197

Activity: Making Addition Problems 197

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT7 200

Activity: Creating Drawings That Represent Addition and Subtraction 200

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT8 204

Activity: Mental Math Go Around 204

Number and Operations in Base Ten: 2NBT9 209

Activity: Explaining Addition and Subtraction Operations 209

Measurement and Data: 2MD1 211

Activity: Measuring Objects with the Appropriate Tools 211

Measurement and Data: 2MD2 214

Activity: Measurements and Length Units 214

Measurement and Data: 2MD3 217

Activity: Estimating Lengths 217

Measurement and Data: 2MD4 220

Activity: Expressing Differences in Lengths 220

Measurement and Data: 2MD5 223

Activity: Solving Measurement Word Problems 223

Measurement and Data: 2MD6 226

Activity: Constructing Number Line Diagrams to Show Addition and Subtraction 226

Measurement and Data: 2MD7 231

Activity 1: Time on the Internet 231

Activity 2: Matching Time Cards 232

Measurement and Data: 2MD8 235

Activity 1: A Book about Math and Money 235

Activity 2: The Money Quiz Game 236

Measurement and Data: 2MD9 239

Activity: Measurement and Line Plots 239

Measurement and Data: 2MD10 243

Activity: Constructing Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs 243

Geometry: 2G1 246

Activity 1: Identifying and Classifying Shapes 246

Activity 2: Drawing and Naming Shapes 247

Geometry: 2G2 252

Activity: Partitioning Rectangles into Squares 252

Geometry: 2G3 256

Activity 1: Partitioning and Describing Parts of Rectangles 256

Activity 2: Partitioning and Describing Parts of Circles 257